Island Better Hearing Grows Tinnitus Treatment Options in Huntington NY

Tinnitus treatment options are constantly expanding as new research is conducted into this debilitating disorder. Island Better Hearing is now offering expanded tinnitus treatment options.

Around fifty million US citizens between 60 and 75 are suffering from a hearing condition identified as tinnitus. More prevalent in men than women, the primary symptom of tinnitus is hearing tones which nobody else can hear. Tinnitus commonly seems to indicate a problem taking place within the four components of the auditory system – the outer ear, the middle ear, the inner ear, and the brain – and as such is more of a symptom of other conditions than just a disease itself. Although not a form of hearing loss per se, it can be associated with other types of either conductive or sensorineural hearing loss. Yet because tinnitus can cause individuals to hear the buzzing or ringing sound continuously, this tends to have the effect of decreasing a person's absolute threshold of hearing, which makes it harder to hear low-level sounds normally.

Because tinnitus is such a prevalent problem in the U.S. and in Huntington NY specifically, the audiologists at Island Better Hearing are regularly researching new treatment procedures. Since many of these treatment options are relatively new, individuals who've endured tinnitus for a long time are often unaware that new therapies have been introduced. Island Better Hearing prides itself on being able to offer the most up-to-date tinnitus treatment options in Huntington NY. Along with maintaining a list of presently available tinnitus treatment options on their website, Island Better Hearing staff members often write about new developments on the company blog. Readers interested in additional information on the treatment options listed below are encouraged to visit the website at or contact Island Better Hearing for an appointment.

Hearing aids. Tinnitus sufferers routinely also have some amount of hearing loss. The dual benefit of hearing aids is that they cover the noises of the tinnitus while also boosting hearing ability. Tinnitus sufferers making use of hearing aids commonly report partial or complete relief of tinnitus symptoms.

Medicine or drug therapy. Medication-based therapies approach tinnitus on 2 different levels. They are able to address the powerful emotions and depression that are common among tinnitus patients and work on directly reducing the symptoms.

Maskers. A tinnitus masker is a tiny electronic gadget that generates noises of its own to disguise (or mask) the tinnitus. Tinnitus maskers are a great option for many people, providing relief from the tinnitus. However, they've been known to interfere with comprehension of speech.

Counseling and Relaxation. Stress makes tinnitus feel even worse, so being able to relax is very helpful. Counseling may be appropriate when tinnitus causes depression, anxiety or other psychiatric problems.

About Dr. Lori Trentacoste, AuD

Dr. Lori Trentacoste received her master's degree from the University of Buffalo in 1996 and her Doctorate in Audiology from the Arizona School of Health Sciences in 2010. Dr. Trentacoste is Board Certified in Audiology and is actively involved in many professional organizations locally and nationally such as the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) and American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA). She volunteers with several local agencies and school districts and sits on the Board of the Hearing Care Group

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Island Better Hearing is one of the oldest family-owned and operated audiology and hearing aid dispensing practices on Long Island offering a complete line of audiology services, diagnostic testing and hearing aids. Most hearing aids purchased at Island Beter Hearing come with the Complete Hearing Care Program that includes a 45-day trial on all new hearing aids, 2 year warranty, first year loss and damage insurance and free batteries for life. Island Better Hearing has two locations on Long Island in Huntington and Melville NY.


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