Is Amazon DSP a Good Opportunity? Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) UK Business Expert Provides Answers

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Online digital marketers have now embraced the latest marketing and advertising business strategy. There are multiple channels through which e-commerce or online business owners can relay their brands to the public. However, Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) has quickly become a favorite for many marketers across the board.

The platform is a solution that lets businesses bid on ad placement on Amazon. But is Amazon DSP a good opportunity? George Meressa, the founder of Clear Ads and a DSP expert, lays out his case for why your e-commerce business needs to begin employing it as part of your advertising strategy.

The platform, packaged as sophisticated software, offers three notable perks:

Any ads placed on the site reach targeted groups guaranteeing clicks and returns

Offers potential for maximum reach, so ads are seen by the broadest possible audience

Real-time bidding in a near-real environment

Business owners attest that there are many alternatives they can use, but when compared to DSP, they lag behind. DSP stands out from the pack due to the notable growth and positive trends over the last few years. As more and more users settle for online shopping, Amazon’s DSP grows as a result. More traffic, better performance on Amazon’s DSP.

Factors that Favor Amazon DSP Business Growth

Along with the rise in online shopping, another major factor that fosters DSP business growth is Amazon’s expanding share in the e-commerce market. As the number of shoppers using the store increases and the number of suppliers/brands opting to sell or transact on the platform, so does its market share. As a global platform, Amazon serves customers all around the world.

Secondly, Amazon holds tons of data in its database about its shoppers. The information ranges from customer interests, preferences, behaviors, age, geographical location and more. Thirdly, Amazon has skyrocketed to become a multi-billion empire after the world shut down due to COVID-19.

Amazon has used other streaming methods before, mainly display ads that were also featured on other sites. However, the option limited the different types of streams it could use on its site. On the other hand, Amazon DSP business allows Amazon to venture into live streaming and video tailor-made for the site.

Let’s look at the two in detail.

Video Ads on Amazon

Before venturing into videos, Amazon was involved in display ads only. The introduction of DSP allowed the site to also incorporate videos into the advertisements sellers placed on the platform. This began only a year ago, and the results are tremendous.

Amazon uses its customer database linked with the DSP software to help it get the most from each ad. Referred to as Over The Top advertising (OTT), Amazon can now feature its videos beyond the site. The content is streamed to other viewers through the gadgets and services under the marketing channels. OTT gadgets contributing to this success include:

Smart TVs

HDMI sticks


Game consoles

Through its Fire TV network, Amazon has expanded its reach and its potential in video advertising thanks to DSP. Anybody using Amazon Ads for their business can secure space for their ad through the connected TV (CTV) feature, which is one of the latest additions to the platform. CTV has created infinite possibilities for the advertising world, as advertisers can seamlessly tap into TV ads and digital advertising.

Amazon’s Streaming Ads

At the beginning of 2020, Amazon showed interest in adding other streaming options to its CTV. These options were possible because Amazon already had DSP in place, which powers these ads. Amazon wants to expand beyond its Fire Television into other platforms and plans on streaming its advertisements there. To accomplish this, Amazon will be combining optional CTVs and gaming sites to help any advertising or marketing body reach more people through their ads.

Amazon has already identified some of the channels it intends to reach. Key players for targeting include Apple TV, Android TV, and PlayStation. This expansion will enable Amazon to stream its ads courtesy of Amazon DSP UK through these channels.

The advantage for advertisers is that they will need not be logged on Amazon to schedule their streaming ads; the program will automatically add them and slot them on the advertisers’ list. This has never been done before and holds much promise for entrepreneurs.

Additionally, it makes it easy for marketing departments to maximize their audience reach without having a brand on Amazon while still having an opportunity to tap into the Amazon database gold-mine courtesy of DSP.

Amazon’s steady growth gives its DSP an advantage over other DSPs that have been around for some time. Its database allows retailers to use it while still expanding their reach on other sites without limitations or restrictions. Incorporating videos and streams enables advertisers to reach the correct audiences at a given time effectively.

So, Why Use the Amazon Advertising Demand Side Platform?

Digital advertising and sales for e-commerce sellers have picked up the pace, especially after the pandemic. Consumers could not shop in-store; consequently, they had no choice but to shop on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and get their products delivered to their doorsteps. People prefer to buy products that they have some knowledge of and streaming and videos offer just that.

With Amazon DSP, businesses can reach huge audiences, including previously impenetrable markets, as the ads are also displayed on platforms such as Apple TV.

Amazon DSP is ideal for start-ups or businesses struggling to find ground in a competitive market. Through this channel, a company can improve its brand visibility and brand awareness on and off Amazon. This visibility and awareness boost establishes solid, reliable, and loyal customers for brands.

Looking to Grow Your Brand through Amazon DSP?

It’s completely possible. The platform allows you to purchase and showcase your videos and streams on multiple platforms. Clear Ads, a DSP Agency, enables you to make your brand visible through the Self Service option for a fraction of the price it would usually cost. Accessing Amazon DSP is not easy, but Clear Ads guarantees the following:

Exclusive access to DSP to get your brand started and make it stand out from your competitors

Reach out and scale beyond what Amazon offers you

A notable increase in sales and revenue in the business

Fully-managed, just-for-you services from the agency

Value for your money, flexible contracts, and results-based approach system

Additionally, Clear Ads has over 10 years of experience managing Sponsored Ads campaigns on Amazon, working as Amazon PPC experts over many years. It provides businesses with a one-on-one approach for a personalized experience from the beginning. Clear Ads does not have any long-term contracts or costly monthly commitments.

The Clear Ads process involves:

Step 1: An account audit to evaluate how business campaigns are performing, a deeper look and discovery into what the business is doing right, and quickly identifies any relevant opportunities for improvement.

Step 2: Clear Ads sets goals for the business. Our agency works with you to correctly identify your ideal shoppers and target audience. After this, we create a bidding strategy that will work within your budget and your products. We also identify optimum placements by creating compelling, effective ad text to make your Sponsored Ads stand out.

In Conclusion

When you choose Clear Ads as your Amazon Ads marketing agency, you can expect to benefit from our considerable expertise. Because we know Amazon Ads inside out, we’ll put all of that skill to work straight away for you.

Clear Ads provides a personal management service, so when you sign up, you will only deal with one campaign manager and not have to worry about getting passed over to the right person when contacting us. At Clear Ads, we maintain regular contact and provide monthly reports outlining the productivity and performance.

Contact Clear Ads today to get started with Amazon DSP.

The post Is Amazon DSP a Good Opportunity? Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) UK Business Expert Provides Answers appeared first on prReach Blog.

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