IRA Investing Acquires Meadow Bay Gold

One of the leading financial planning websites has recently acquired the content and assets of, delivering more insight into investing and strategic financial planning for readers. is a website that covers a wide variety of topics about retirement investing. The site was set up to offer free insights for individuals that are looking ahead to the future. This includes tips on how to invest money, guides on the best countries to retire to, and much more content aimed at helping people save money for their retirement years.

The website has been a rousing success since its launch, and the latest news from the founders is sure to get regular visitors excited. As of November 1, 2021, IRA Investing has acquired the content and assets of another financial planning blog: Meadow Bay Gold. This site focused on gold investing and strategic planning, also offering free financial guidance for readers that want to do something positive with their money. The new acquisition is seen as a way of expanding IRA Investing’s content portfolio, offering more articles and expert opinions from people with a lot of knowledge. A cash deal was secured earlier in the month, making the acquisition final.

Bringing new insights to the IRA Investing team
As part of the takeover, IRA Investing has gained a valuable asset in the form of Zoran Dragoslavic - the previous owner of Meadow Bay Gold. He is joining the team, bringing with him a wealth of experience in the realm of strategic financial planning, with an emphasis on gold investment.

IRA Investing hopes that adding this fresh face to the team will allow for more diverse content, as well as some expert guidance and tips in the gold investment department, which is often touted as a popular investment option for people planning to retire.

After acquiring Meadow Bay Gold and Dragoslavic, the team at IRA Investing believes this is the start of something special. It’s an opportunity to produce better content than ever before, drawing in a slightly newer audience to the site at the same time. It should further solidify the website as one of the authoritative sources on strategic financial planning for retirees.

About IRA Investing is a website that has been around for many years and is owned and run by Tim Schmidt - a retirement planning and financial savings expert with over 10 years of experience in this line of work. The site features a range of diverse content relating to saving money, investing, IRA options, and much more. It currently has two expert content contributors who create regular posts; Dan and Michael. Dan owns a website that helps families travel for free/cheap, while Michael launched his own site dedicated to personal finance advice.

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