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A new IQ testing website, has been launched recently. Keep reading to know more about it.

A new website, was recently launched in the market and it deals with IQ testing which is an important step of knowing one’s ability. The website is a really good thought for the whole world as people often are curious about their mind and memory but do not have the right platform to do so. The creators have this website has pulled in all the important aspects of doing the tests and then they initiate the interested people to engage in the tests.

The website is an initiative by the Alpha High IQ Society who are always on the lookout for people who have higher than average IQ. There are several ways to know about the IQ of a person. Some of the tests that are available on the website are IQ test free, EQ test, and MBTI test. People can just visit the website and click on the test they want to take.

A good thing about the website is that they explain every test very well, this lets the test taker have a prepared mind before they actually take the test. As they are mainly looking for people who have a high IQ, they have a whole section which lists famous people who have high IQ as well as people from all over the world who have high IQ than the average IQ that people have.

After each test, the website takes the email and name of the person so that they can send the results as well as store it in their database. Apart from the quick IQ test, they have also included Logic Games on the website which acts as a way of entertainment for the people coming to the website.

The website, is a great one as it is very simple to use and people wouldn’t get confused when they are on the website to give a test. The website even has a section called Alpha Blog where the company updates regular blog posts on the subject of IQ and EQ.

The head of Alpha IQ Society says, “There are many people in the world who are actually unaware of the capability of their minds. So, we thought that a testing platform will actually help people to know more about themselves and their capabilities. The section of famous people having high IQs will actually motivate them as they aren’t very different from them.”

The company has created a nice platform and they hope that people will respond well to it. Time will definitely motivate more people to visit the website and take the tests to unveil their unknown side.

About the company:
Alpha IQ Society is an organization formed by some of the people who have a high IQ. They have been organizing IQ tests for years.

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