iPhone Users Trending Towards Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

iStock Accessories, the suppliers of Window Armor Tempered Glass Screen Protectors have just announced the arrival of a new shipment of the popular screen protector available exclusively on Amazon.com.

In January 2014, Window Armor launched their new iPhone 5 Screen Protector to suit iPhone 5, 5s & 5c without much fanfare or media attention. But iPhone users sort them out anyway stocks had sold out within just a few weeks.

Although slightly more expensive than their plastic cousins, the tempered glass screen protector has a range of benefits over the old style of screen protector that far outweigh the added cost.

Designed and manufactured with usability and functionality in mind, Window Armor screen protectors are able to protect iPhone screens against scratches and scuffs while maintaining the crisp images of the retina display as well as a super smooth top coat to ensure the finger glides over the screen with ease.

At 0.3mm thick it is barely noticeable once it is installed, and is all but invisible to the human eye. But offers great protection against daily wear and tear of the world’s most commonly used pieces of technology.

A hardness rating of 8H to 9H means that it is every bit as tough and as scratch resistant as a pane of tempered glass. And even tests with box cutters and screw drives being scraped across the screen have not been able to put a chink in its armor.

Window Armor is available for purchase at Amazon.com

About iStock Accessories:
iStock Accessories is an internet-based creator and vendor of mobile phone and device accessories, specializing in iPhone and iPad screen protectors. The company’s mission is to innovate and create excellent products that shine amongst cell phone users where others fall short. To ensure excellent customer service and the consolidation of information, they sell their products exclusively through the Amazon.com marketplace.

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