iPad Rental Shop Extends Range of Affordable iPad Rentals

The iPad Rental Shop has created a streamlined and effective service with unbeatable rates, features and extras. Due to demand they have added additional iPads to their inventory.

The iPad is the tablet computer that made tablets popular. A touch-screen slate with a good deal of processing power that offers premium portability and functionality. The device is a must-have for all senior business executives, and is an important status symbol for anyone from entrepreneurs and freelancers to hipsters. Unfortunately for most, Apple release new iPads with too great a regularity to keep buying the latest model, making keeping up with the Joneses impossible for most. iPad Rental Shop exists to provide a more affordable solution to that problem. After increasing demand for their rental iPad’s they have increased stock levels to ensure they can fulfill the growing trend towards renting rather than buying iPad’s.

iPad Rental Shop believes they are seeing increased demand because their rental process is simple, fast and offers competitive rates. The company can rent iPads with custom app installations for specific uses and offers nationwide delivery.

Whether clients need iPad rentals for a day, week, month or longer, the experienced iPad Rentals team ensures a smooth rental experience and even offers leasing agreements for longer term rentals, offering the best possible rates.

Together with the iPads themselves, the company offers the full suite of accessories that that can be used with the iPad, including stands and perches, card readers, printers and much more. The company even offers unlimited data through MiFi to keep the iPad and all the user’s devices connected at all times.

A spokesperson for iPad Rental Shop explained, “We provide everything someone would need to rent an iPad and appear like a regular, high-power user. Whether they need it to deliver a presentation or impress in a meeting, whether they’re using it as an interactive tool for stalls at events or leasing long term, we provide affordable and outstanding solutions, even installing custom apps so they’re delivered ready to go, no matter what people are looking to use them for. Together with unmatched customer support and nationwide delivery, there’s no better place to find an affordable iPad rental solution. With our increased stock levels we assure our customers we can meet their needs quickly and at market leading rates.”

About iPad Rental Shop:
iPad Rental Shop offers businesses a competitive and cost-effective solution for all of their iPad Rental needs. Having put a huge amount of resources into thoroughly researching the market and the needs of clients, they have put together a series of iPad rental solutions for any business use.

Contact Info:
Name: Joe Bragg
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Organization: Brandoutreach
Phone: (415) 632 1664
Website: http://www.ipadrentalshop.com/

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