Invis London Clinic Offers 3D Technology in Dentistry

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Our dentists can create a 3D image of your teeth in just minutes using an iTero scanner, a leading digital scanner from the makers of Invisalign® clear aligners.

3D technology applied to dentistry produces benefits in the cost, time, precision and quality of dental treatment. For this reason, it is a trend that is registering growth in the sector.

Dr. Daniel Bronsky, director of the Invis London dental clinic, is a pioneer in implementing this technology to improve the effectiveness of dental treatments. Some of the actions that use this technique are guided navigation during surgery, 3D restoration, prosthetics in less time, surgery without incisions or sutures, and orthodontic treatments.

Dr. Daniel Bronsky was awarded for introducing 3D technology in dentistry as reported by GIN. During the latest edition of the Smart Integration Award, Dr. Daniel Bronsky was recognized in the 'Digital Clinical Workflow' category. This award is presented to dental professionals who promote intelligently integrated practices that offer innovative solutions in the treatment of patients.

In a recent interview with the online platform Dental Town, the orthodontist acknowledged that developing his project took him long periods of time. However, he never abandoned his desire to show that dentistry is capable of implementing innovative tools , just as it is in other branches of medicine.

Likewise, Brownsky highlighted the benefits of research to carry out projects that break with traditional schemes and encouraged dentists to be brave and daring. In the same line and as director of university postgraduate programs, he mentioned that teachers should focus on motivating and imparting knowledge to enhance student skills.

Benefits of 3D technology in dental treatments

Dr. Brownsky's mission has always been to perfect dental procedures to provide higher quality care. In addition, working with 3D technology allows preserving dental structures and increasing precision in each diagnosis and treatment.

One of the greatest fears that patients present during their visit to the dentist is their difficulty in resisting pain. With the use of 3D technology, the processes are less invasive and guarantee the comfort of people, a really considerable advantage.

Regarding the economic aspect, the cost of the procedures decreases, since the processes are simplified . On the other hand, patient waiting times are reduced, while the number of clients increases, since some services are performed in less time. In turn, the margins of error are lower, because each treatment is personalized and adjusted to the needs of the patient.

3D technology in the dental sector promises to revolutionize dental procedures. In this sense, the Invis London clinic combines the best digital tools and the knowledge of its specialists.

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