Inventive New Hack Pot Poised to Make Healthy Cooking as Simple and Efficient as Possible

Homemade food preparation product promising “shortcut to a healthier meal” set to gain exposure and momentum via upcoming Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

The brainchild of Eddy, a consummate DIY enthusiast and tireless advocate for the concept that good design is essential to a good life, Hack Pot is a new product designed to make cooking as simple and efficient as possible.

Understanding that squeezing homemade healthy food preparation into busy schedules can be a daunting task at the best of times, Eddy and his team devised the Hack Pot with user experience at the forefront of their design. Simple and straightforward to use with no complex parts or complicated instructions, the Hack Pot is being readied to steadily gain exposure and momentum via a soon-to-launch Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

“In only a few simple steps, Hack Pot allows the user to create wholesome alternatives to heavily-processed instant foods without breaking the bank or gobbling up precious time,” says Eddy. “We wanted to put the fun and creativity back into the relationship food lovers have with the kitchen; as a result, the myriad of benefits associated with using the Hack Pot – including healthy home cooking, cost-effectiveness and environmental protection – have been well-documented and are indisputable. Put succinctly, Hack Pot is here to take the hassle out of cooking a homemade meal.”

The secret to the Hack Pot’s magic is its thermal conservation system, which enables the user to simply add boiling water to his or her favorite fresh ingredients and watch the meal cook itself in mere minutes. The product boasts an easy-to-pour corner, dual ergonomic handles to make straining much easier and a square-shaped bowl to fit different types of food without the overall shape being too bulky.

Further, the Hack Pot’s shape has been designed to maximize cooking capacity while minimizing storage space when not in use, and a built-in timer frees the user from keeping a constant eye on the clock. Additionally, a built-in strainer attachment unique to the Hack Pot makes post-cooking water pouring foolproof.

“Hack Pot’s sleek and modern design makes it a fit for any kitchen, fitting comfortably in any cabinet while looking great on every counter,” concludes Eddy. “As we prepare to launch our Kickstarter campaign and introduce Hack Pot to the world, I have been assuring all possible funding entities that I am working closely with the engineering team at our manufacturing facility to ensure that all concerns are rectified before full-scale production of the Hack Pot begins.”

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