Introducing xTRX: A Rebase Project of Tron and A New Era of Defi

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In this article, you will learn what xTrx is, what problems of the cryptocurrency market does xTrx solve and its main advantages.

Rebase projects have recently been gaining attention as it allows cryptocurrency investors to maintain their assets without its value getting diluted in case of a bearish market. As the elastic supply feature of these projects adjusts the total supply on a routinely basis, investors can be more assured that their holdings are safer in comparison to other projects that have a set total supply and the holding value solely depends on the price in the market. With a price target in mind, rebase projects are more likely to be more resistant to extreme volatility of the market.

It is often the case that these rebase projects have an elastic total supply instead of a set number because it assists in managing the overall value of the currency. This is useful for both utility and currency tokens because users can expect the value of their assets regardless of the market situation.

What is xTRX?

xTRX is a rebase project on Tron (TRX) and an investment channel that provides hedging options for investors who are not comfortable about the high volatilities of the cryptocurrency market. With a price peg to Tron (TRX), positive rebases and deflationary mechanisms, xTRX provides a hedging option for potential investors, in the case of a bearish market.

Along with rebase functions based on the price peg to the Tron cryptocurrency, xTrx will provide DeFi solutions exclusively based on the Tron blockchain. It has an elastic supply through positive rebases and automatic burns and is taxed per transaction as a deflationary mechanism that would maintain its value.

xTRX is pegged to the price of Tron (TRX) with 1:1 ratio.

If the price of xTRX is greater than Tron, there will be a positive rebase so that more tokens will be distributed to the holders to match the price of Tron.

No negative rebase, only deflationary mechanisms to keep its value.

As tokens are burned and taxed for each transaction, the value of xTRX will be stable even when the price of Tron goes down. 1 percent of each transaction is going to be taxed and is going to be split amongst the holders of xTRX based on market share they hold so there would be an incentive to hold xTRX. xTRX rewards the buyers through positive rebases pegged to the price of Trx and rewards the holders by sharing the tax that comes from each transaction.

Cryptocurrency Market Problems that xTRX Project Solves

While it is relatively safer to invest in currently major cryptocurrencies and projects, there are some problems that may hinder investors to be confident with their decisions. Some of these problems are:

High Volatility & Increasing Risks
Almost all cryptocurrencies are prone to market volatility without any hedging option. The benefit of rebase projects is allowing investors to allow price volatility to benefit them in the long term.

Lack of Token Use Cases
Many cryptocurrencies lack use cases and investment value. Most projects end up with only speculative use cases, without any demand for the cryptocurrency itself.

Product Development
The potential of projects usually depends on the scalability of already developed functions and the possibility of product improvement in the future. Looking at big players like Bitcoin and Ethereum, their development is long over and there is no room for improvement.

Benefits of xTRX

xTRX is an improved version of other rebase projects as it implements a taxing system that shares the transactional fees with the holders of xTRX. Instead of a dilutionary rebasing due to price falls, xTRX is designed to benefit the community and token holders. instead of utilizing negative rebase mechanisms that reduce the number of tokens that users hold. xTRX decided not to decrease the number of tokens but tax those who sell or make transactions as its deflationary method. This way, even when others sell their tokens, the holders gain from such acts to mitigate the price fluctuation that happens from selling.

The technology of xTRX rewards holders for being part of the community and everything is shared amongst the holders. Holders’ asset value increases proportionally based on the percentage of market share they hold.

This is designed to benefit the early holders of our tokens as the supply is only going through positive rebase and no negative rebase. As the ecosystem of xTRX becomes more valuable, holders’ assets will become more valuable as well.


xTRX is launching its all-in-one DeFi solution on top of its cryptocurrency investment channel. xSuite integrates features that both asset holders and blockchain projects have been wishing for under one platform. The three main services are as follows:


xSwap is a decentralized crowdfunding platform for TRC-20 tokens. Conversion between any two TRC-20 based tokens can happen based on the system price that is entered on xSwap. The trading fees of such transactions are delivered to the liquidity providers of the given pair. It offers automated liquidity provision and projects can be listed for their presales.


xLend is a decentralized lending protocol for users to lend their assets or take a loan. Any TRC-20 based tokens can be posted on this feature. There is going to be a large pool for each respective token that the users can put in their assets to be accessible for lending. Other members of the ecosystem can access these pools and request for a loan for a certain interest rate. All they need to do is stake digital assets as a collateral to get a loan.


The second stage will be a big update for the blockchain industry itself as xTRX is going to provide a bridging service between ERC-20 projects to TRC-20 projects. There are a lot of projects in the market that are willing to make a transition from ERC-20 based smart contracts to TRC-20 based smart contracts. However, although it was theoretically possible, in terms of the development side, it was very difficult for individual products to follow through. Therefore, xTRX will be offering service that would do that hard work for them to make a transition to the TRC-20 chain. This is going to further grow the Tron (TRX) ecosystem as well as the xTRX ecosystem.

This was a brief introduction to xTRX and there will be detail released soon on the innovative DeFi and blockchain solutions that xTRX has to offer. More information is available on the official website and participate in our community to learn more about the project.

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