Introducing WASDAQ, World’s First Token Designed with a Smart Contract, Tradable at Predefined Hours

DeFi is a powerful, volatile, and risk market with unpredictable trends that can impact an investor drastically.

August 24, 2021 – Wasdaq breaks ground as the first token in the world that has been specifically designed using a smart contract with pre-defined trading hours that reduces the risk of losing money. Wasdaq allows investors to trade safely in the Defi market with predefined trading hours and regulated trading times. The launch of Wasdaq has revolutionized the crypto market and has outlined a new path to good fortune for investors.

DeFi is a powerful, volatile, and risk market with unpredictable trends that can impact an investor drastically. Before Wasdaq, an investor always had to be on the edge and worry about the value of his token dropping. With the launch of Wasdaq, the lives of investors have become easier. The pre-defined trading hour provides them with a safe space. An investor now has the option to trade during the trading hours and be safe when the market is closed, as the token’s price can’t drop during that time.

Wasdaq was developed by an IRL Digital Project Manager and an IRL Embedded Software Engineer, and is backed by their years of experience and expertise. This makes it a safe and commercially feasible token for investment. The smart contract acts as the token’s gatekeeper and sets the trading hours during the day. After the predefined hours, the smart contract blocks any trading activities to prevent an overnight drop in the price of Wasdaq’s token.

The goal with WASDAQ is to provide investors a DEX platform with several predefined trading hours tokens in a safe space to make their investments by day, and then go to sleep knowing that their investment is safe.

Wasdaq has plans to offer tokens to exchanges as “loss leader tokens” for new as well seasoned investors. This revolutionary token aims to bring in new investors who are looking for lucrative opportunities that tokens have to offer while staying within the contemporary system of stock trading.

"We believe that pre-defined trading hours can give mass public adoption to the cryptos markets"

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