Introducing VMIX Token, an Innovative Cryptocurrency for Buying Dropshipping Products through WEB3 Wallets

As the world gravitates towards cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, businesses have realized that to stay relevant, they must open their doors to the use of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, which is why BITTKAN has announced the use of VMIX

The outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent breakdown in physical interactions gave rise to ecommerce. Businesses had to embrace ecommerce to stay afloat and survive the pandemic and global lockdown issued to curb the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, the current ecommerce model has many inadequacies, including excessive inventory, fraud, lack of international market reach, and high transaction costs.

As proffered by financial analysts and experts, one of the ways to solve these problems is the use of innovative blockchain technology that provides consumers with a frictionless shopping experience from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, adopting this solution will enable lower prices on products due to minimal overhead costs and maximized efficiency through smart contract automation of transactions between merchants and consumers. On this note, VMIX Token, a revolutionary cryptocurrency that will change ecommerce and cryptocurrency trading for the better, has been launched.

“We are happy to be the first to provide excellent service, which facilitates the process of buying & selling Marketplaces and Dropshipping Global Supplier through Metamask, Trust wallet and others Web3 wallet,” said Bandar Alamri, CEO of VccMix.

Persons who own VMIX tokens can trade Dropshipping products and perform exchanges with another cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere, and at a low cost. It is a secure and decentralized cryptocurrency token wherein the developers have designed an offline storage structure that provides an additional level of security, preventing theft and loss.

VMIX is the native cryptocurrency of BITKKAN, a dropshipping website that features a growing collection of items, including digital products, clothing, phones, cameras, jewelry, wristwatches, computers, televisions, audio players, and accessories.

Buying on BITKKAN can be processed using VMIX, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, and 150+ cryptocurrencies. Thus, the platform allows anyone in the world to make a payment from one party to another in a fast, cheap, and secure manner without going through a financial institution.

Spanning July to August 2021, VMIX will be up for grabs as the platform has set up an Initial Crowd Offering (ICO). In addition, the general public can enjoy free airdrop and own VMIX tokens when they create a free wallet on To learn more about the VMIX token and its uses, please visit or Marketplaces.

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Organization: VccMix
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