Introducing Uvlizer – the UV Sanitizer for a Cleaner and Safer Home

UV-C energy is proven effective for the destruction of airborne organisms and the inactivation of organisms on surfaces.

Sheridan, WY - Uvlizer is pleased to announce the launch of its UV Sanitizer for the home that destroys bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms using UV light. The product helps keep the flu and other viral and bacterial infections at bay, and its unique dual mechanism penetrates all areas of the home, especially places where micro-organisms tend to hide.

According to a company spokesperson, Uvlizer is the first UV-C generating device made for domestic use. Hospitals and airlines have long been using ultraviolet light to kill pathogens effectively. Until recently, these UV-C generating devices have been too bulky for use in the home, and only trained specialists were allowed to use them. But thanks to technological advancements, Uvlizer has now created a compact version that’s portable enough to easily carry into any room in the home.

The device works by penetrating micro-organisms and attacking their DNA/RNA, damaging it and making it impossible for them to survive or replicate. No chemicals or manual effort are required.

“These days a lot of people are using household cleaners like crazy,” says a Uvlizer spokesperson. “The problem with that is that many of these cleaners are harmful in themselves because they contain carcinogenic compounds, hormones disruptors or respiratory irritants. Many of these products can actually cause health problems. Uvlizer is 100% safe and completely natural.”

Uvlizer has a number of benefits:

• It can easily disinfect an entire 250 sq ft room with no side effects or chemical residue.
• The device is easy to use: just turn it on and set the timer.
• It is effective for use on any household item, such as phones, laptops or silverware.
• It’s portable design allows it to be used in any area of the home.
• Use will result in fewer viral and bacterial infections and fewer doctor’s bills and medications.

The science behind the product is verified by the CDC.

With a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee, the product is currently available for a $50 discount to new customers, along with free shipping.

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