Introducing SUMS, The World’s Most Comfortable Titanium Eyewear Glasses

Live on Kickstarter, Sums is a comfort-focused titanium eyewear brand.

SUMS, the all new direct-to-consumer comfort-based eyewear brand, is live on Kickstarter and global crowdfunding success having already surpassed their initial raise goal.

Like a good mattress, a good pair of glasses is one of the best investments someone can make. From morning to night, most glasses wearers have them on their face almost the entire day and with an increasingly number of hours being spent staring at screens, whether for work or pleasure. It only makes sense to wear a pair that is not only stylish, but also one that is comfortable to wear and easy on the eyes.

“Modern people spend more and more time using electronic products. Commuting with mobile phones, going to work and staring at the computer, returning home to watch television or playing games. Glasses are worn for a long time making dizziness/pain, high intra-ocular pressure and other discomforts the modern diseases of civilization,” says Managing Director Alan on the inspiration behind the project. “With 2 years of research on face anatomy and modern trends, we created SUMS in three distinct shapes and four colors that complement your unique face while still creating the most comfortable set of glasses ever.”

The result is a pair of glasses designed from the ground up to be the most comfortable pair on the market. SUMS is designed to help you focus by filter blue light that is harmful and fatiguing to the eyes. It offers incredible flex with three kinds of titanium to keep vision centered at all times, and at only 15 grams, feel weightless on the face. With silicone temple tips and weighted acetate temple tips, glasses will always remain stable and comfortable over the ears. In addition, the specially-made bubble nose pads (inspired by the hollow design of sneaker cushions), softly fit the shape of the nose; making them both comfortable and non-slip.

“In 2019, we set off with one goal in mind: 'Develop the most comfortable eyewear in the world!' Since then, SUMS strives to provide the comfiest glasses possible, as we dedicate ourselves to make them accessible to anyone,” adds Alan. “We chose Kickstarter to launch SUMS because of unique people like yourselves who appreciate the spirit of innovation and are willing to trust a small team with bringing incredible ideas to life!”

SUMS Eyewear is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About SUMS

SUMS is a brand-new eyewear brand launched by the SUMS Inc. It focuses on the design of eyewear comfort functions. It is good at using the most advanced technology materials, breaking away from traditional design elements, and stepping out of the new manufacturing process of the eyewear industry to create more humane

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