Introducing MTN PAK— The World’s First Hydration Backpack Designed Specifically for Mountain Bike Riding

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Live on Kickstarter, MTN PAK lets riders stop choosing between "storage and hydration" or "weightless riding".

MTN PAK, the revolutionary new hydration backpack designed specifically for mountain biking, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Anyone who has gone mountain biking has been faced with a dilemma— use a hydration backpack and have a sweaty back, or use a backpack alternative with less storage space and water capacity. Both options come with a problem; neither provide competent storage while keeping the rider comfortable.

“I was downhill mountain biking and by the time I got to the bottom of the mountain, my back was drenched from my backpack. I would hang it on my handlebars while waiting for the chairlift to give my back a chance to dry off. I hated the sweat but I had to wear the backpack to carry my water and keys and such,” says founder Brianna Pezek on the inspiration behind the project. “I found this to be a very common issue in the biking world – ask anyone who rides and they’ll tell you the same thing. Either you wear a hydration backpack and deal with the sweat, or you find some other gimmicky way to carry your stuff. I knew I could create something better than what’s currently offered.”

MTN PAK is a bike-specific backpack that solves all those problems; offering hydration, storage and an innovative new way to store the bag on the bike itself— straps that attach to the structural tubes. MTN PAK can be used as a traditional backpack and once the back is sweaty, it easily attaches onto the bike for the next part of the ride.

The MTN PAK is a feature packed bag which includes:

• 3 central pockets; one for a 2L hydration bladder, one for main storage and one for easily accessible front storage
• Purposefully designed with a narrow top and wider bottom for easy fitment on a MTB top tube
• Crafted from waterproof, lightweight, tear-resistant XPAC VX21
• Detachable shoulder straps which can easily be packed into one of the side pockets

“Other products on the market somewhat solve the problem, but not in its entirety. The bottom line is that bikers want storage for items and water, without being sweaty. The most common solution is to use a hydration backpack but then you run into the sweaty back problem,” adds Pezek “Alternatively, you could attach a water bottle on the bike frame and not have anything on your back, but then you have no storage for keys, your phone, etc. You could also use a bike bag which attaches onto the bike frame, but bike bags don’t hold water. MTN PAK is convenient and it’s what mountain bikers need.”

MTN PAK is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:


MTN PAK, LLC is an innovative, dynamic sporting goods brand focused on bringing necessary solutions to the mountain biking community. Based in Arizona, MTN PAK was founded in late 2020 and launched in early 2022 with the patent pending bike-mountable backpack. MTN PAK products focus on improved functionality and durability with minimalistic design.

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Name: Chris Woods
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