Introducing International Lawyer Gianni Mendes Toniutti: a Self-Confessed Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Gianni Mendes Toniutti of Tosolini, Lamura, Rasile & Toniutti LLP in South Beach is an immigration lawyer by day, Instagram influencer by night

Miami Beach, FL - Italian and Brazilian lawyer Gianni Mendes Toniutti is the founder of Tosolini, Lamura, Rasile & Toniutti LLP, (TLRT), one of the most recognized Italian law firms in the U.S., which has offices in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Rome and Milan. His law firm is so successful that it has been named in the last few years by the Italian media as one of the most respected Italian American law firms on the East Coast.

TLRT specializes in the most diverse aspects of the law, including commercial litigation, real estate, trust and estate, family law, business law, and immigration. As the head of the immigration department, Toniutti specializes in representing business investors and individuals in the entertainment, including models, actors, singers, painters, and athletes.

But there are other sides to Toniutti of which some of his clients and colleagues may be unaware. An artist himself, he has played the Spanish guitar since childhood, and has even played professionally with many great artists in Europe. And even more surprisingly, this lawyer-by-day becomes Gianni Mendes at night, a totally different persona. In his Instagram account, @gianni.mendes, he sends out positive messages, creates funny videos, and invites people to study in order to become wealthy and successful.

“It started about two years ago, almost as a joke,” says Toniutti. “I made up this persona on social media just for fun, but it really started to take off. People really seem to like my content and motivational messages, and I enjoy helping them. I honestly believe that people have the power to reach any goal they wish if they really want to.”

Describing himself as ‘a serious guy who never stopped dreaming,’ Toniutti is most certainly making a difference with his message ‘The Power is in Your Hands.’ His Instagram account has tens of thousands of followers and is rapidly growing on a daily basis with some of his videos having gone viral.

When asked about his future plans, Toniutti is all business. He wants to expand his law firm and open up new offices in the U.S. He also has plans that revolve around his guitar playing, which at present he is not willing to divulge.

For more information, visit Toniutti’s Instagram account or the TLRT website at

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