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There has been the launch of which is a new football related website in Vietnam. Keep reading to know more about it.

Quite recently, the unveiled to the public which is specially made for the football fanatics who often feel that there is not any sports platform for them. The whole website is in Vietnamese so the people who do not know English would not have any problem when they are on this website. The creators of the website hope that they can satisfy football lovers present all over their country.

Football is an emotion that is present in a lot of people around Vietnam, but they never get to have the sports in their own language when an international match is going on. They often feel there is a lack of communication. But this website, solves all the problems very easily. They bring daily news from the world of football in the local language of the people. People who love football often want to follow the matches that are going on throughout the world. So, they have updates for international football as well.

The presentation of the website is really good as it is a sports website. No one wants to be bored when they on it reading the recent news. In the homepage, they mention the topics that are trending and they have the top news that will grab the attention of the readers. Match updates are also given so that the readers can actually follow the games if they cannot watch it live.

All the animations and colours used on the website makes it look strikingly beautiful. Charts will be provided for the tournaments to make it easily understandable for the readers. They even have an experts section where they will be able to talk about certain tournaments and players whenever there is a discussion about it. The platform is also great for knowing more about the players who currently dominate the world of International football as well as Vietnam football.

The owner of says, “I have always been a football lover. But I found it hard to look for websites and apps that actually updates me about Vietnamese football as well as international football. So, I thought that it will be really helpful for people as well as for myself to launch a website that is solely dedicated to football. We have it here and I am really excited to share it with my fellow football lovers.”

With time it can be hoped that the website gains its momentum and becomes a sprawling place for people who share the bond of football. For now, everyone can just appreciate the work that the company has done on the website to make it as perfect as possible.

About the company:
Bongda365 is a comprehensive website made for football from around the world and have brought the information into a single website.

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