Introducing, a Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence App Designed for Crypto, DeFi, and Financial Markets

More than just an AI-powered application, will provide traders and investors in the global financial market a wide range of solutions tailored for each aspect of the market

There is no gainsaying that the financial market is very unpredictable and making profits from it requires more than just having traditional trading skills. As the market diversifies into cryptocurrency and further into decentralized finance (DeFi), it has become imperative to find solutions to the growing challenges of these markets and their different structures.

Dubai-based Tech Startup Hitro Chain is thrilled to announce the launch of its AI-powered application, which is believed to be capable of solving many of the problems people face when transacting.

The AI-powered solution by Hitro Chain is called, and it is nothing short of a super-intelligent mobile application that is fitted to cover the entire digital financial ecosystem. covers DeFi (including staking, yield farm, swap exchange, and liquidity pool) and offers AI-driven crypto trading bots. Furthermore, the app features an NFT collection + marketplace, a gaming platform, and Metaverse Virtual and Artificial Reality (VR/AR) support.

“This is the first and only of its kind AI-powered app,” explained a spokesperson for Hitro Chain. “Built to help you earn passive income through AI, the app is structured to provide users with everything required to enjoy a competitive edge in the financial market while ensuring they remain relevant. Our bots make use of Technical Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, and Complex Mathematical Models, following a scientific approach to Quantitative Finance.”

With the application, Hitro Chain has also launched its cryptocurrency token, $HITRO. The token features an ecosystem built on blockchain technology, and it includes several other features such as a cryptocurrency wallet and a peer-to-peer exchange system. On the app, users can discover, collect, and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs are trustworthy, easily transferable, and allow users to maintain ownership rights.

Another innovation the app is bringing to the financial market is GameFi, dubbed a HITROVERSE. The gaming platform is structured in Metaverse & Augmented Reality, where users can play games and earn (P2E & B2E). Hitro provides a platform tailored for the gaming industry, from an NFT marketplace to gamers battling each other to win crypto and more. More Battle 2 Earn (B2E) innovations will be unveiled on GameFi as the company hopes to bring the digital world to a reality using Augmented Reality (AR).

All these and more makes an excellent solution for cryptocurrency, DeFi, and the global financial market.

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About Hitro

Hitro started on the 7th of Sept, 2021, with an idea to create a super-intelligent DeFi app with the entire digital finance ecosystem structured into it. The company comprises a team of professionals with impressive backgrounds in trading, Banking industry, Mathematics, software engineering, and AI & machine learning backed up by a world-class advisory board. Hitro is a high-tech bot application to stimulate trading, support market making, and manage exchange accounts.
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