Introducing GRIND Z— The World’s First Recycled Coffee Ground Pencil Lead

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Live on Kickstarter, GRIND Z is the first ever coffee ground 5.6mm pencil lead, unleashing creativity with natural brown hues and aroma.

GRIND Z, the revolutionary new pencil lead derived from recycled coffee grounds, is live on global platform Kickstarter and a breakout crowdfunding success story having raised more than 200% of their initial raise goal. 

Each year, millions of tons of coffee grounds are discarded globally, contributing to landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions. When decomposed in landfills, it releases a large amount of methane, significantly impacting the environment. By transforming this waste into a useful product, Zirobio aims to reduce environmental impact while offering consumers a high-quality writing tool.

“As avid enthusiasts, we drink at least two cups daily and love creating innovative coffee drinks, like our summer favorite, the orange iced Americano. We enjoy using a moka pot to handcraft espresso, but we used to discard the used coffee grounds without a second thought. Last year, we became aware of the environmental impact of this habit and started exploring ways to transform discarded coffee grounds into valuable resources,” says co-founder Hailey Zhang on the inspiration behind the project. “Being an artist, I often enjoy using various materials for art and discovered that coffee grounds retain a lot of natural pigment. This led us to create GRIND Z, the world’s first pencil made from recycled coffee grounds.”

The result is a unique 5.6mm pencil lead containing 20% recycled coffee grounds and other components like wax and adhesives. GRIND Z fully displays the natural brown color of coffee grounds on paper without artificial colorants. It offers a unique texture, with each stroke containing natural coffee ground particles, creating a perfect vintage effect unlike any other pencil on the market. The wax helps maintain the brightness and smoothness of the color during writing or drawing, preventing easy smudging or fading, much like an oil-based brown colored pencil. GRIND Z can be conveniently used directly in-hand, like a crayon, or inserted into a clutch pencil for use.

GRIND Z introduces a breakthrough approach by using recycled coffee grounds as the primary component. By eliminating synthetic materials, the company has reduced potential health risks associated with chemical exposure. Coffee grounds are a natural byproduct, safe for skin contact, and promote a more sustainable environment by reducing waste and avoiding the use of harmful substances.

“Our commitment to sustainability and innovation sets us apart from other solutions on the market. Additionally, compared to traditional graphite, GRIND Z pencils do not dirty your hands, and the coffee grounds are gentle on the skin, making them a perfect choice for both artists and everyday users,” adds co-founder Miles Lu. “By supporting GRIND Z, you support innovation and environmental conservation, becoming part of this change. We invite you to join us on Kickstarter to support GRIND Z and help us use art to make the Earth a better place!”

GRIND Z is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Zirobio

Zirobio is an ambitious recycling biotechnology company dedicated to providing the industry with solutions for bio-based recycled materials. The company's mission is to drive the transition from traditional materials to bio-based recycled materials. By offering businesses solutions for recycling bio-based materials, Zirobio aims to promote sustainable environmental practices and bring eco-friendly products into everyday life. Currently, the company focuses on industry solutions and innovative product development using recycled coffee grounds.

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