Introducing BAILEY— Handbags of the Future using MIRUM Plant-Based Vegan Leather

Live on Kickstarter, BAILEY from Melina Bucher are exquisite luxury bags made from first-of-its-kind, 100% bio-based vegan leather MIRUM®.

BAILEY, the award-nominated handbag of the future using plant-based vegan leather from designer Melina Bucher, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

High quality, sustainability through innovation and exclusive design are the distinguishing features of the German based label Melina Bucher. With its groundbreaking new BAILEY bag, the brand is pioneering the next generation of luxury bags by utilizing 100% bio-based and plastic-free vegan leather.

“Our BAILEY handbag is designed with great attention to detail. We focus on creating an exquisitely selected, key piece that complements your wardrobe. BAILEY features smart functionality and is designed to be durable and multifunctional. BAILEY helps you to organize your busy everyday life in style and confidence,” says founder and designer Melina Bucher on the inspiration behind the project. “With my philosophy, I stand for honest, transparent and ethical luxury fashion. I want to inspire and encourage consumers and other brands to change.”

For the project, Melina Bucher has partnered with Mirum®, a bio-based material produced by Natural Fiber Welding. The vegan leather material has already been used in pilot programs with distinguished brands such as Ralph Lauren and Porsche— with its BAILEY bag, Melina Bucher is one of the first to utilize this revolutionary sustainable material in a luxury accessory. Mirum® uses an innovative technology that unlocks the potential of natural, FSC-certified rubber while using natural colorants, such as naturally-derived charcoal to avoid using plastics or synthetic dyes. It has a massive positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions, water scarcity and biodiversity as it neither requires tanning nor water during manufacturing and dyeing. LCA results show that it needs 97.5% less CO2 emissions in manufacturing than animal leather and no water at all. Not only is it 100 percent natural and plastic-free, but the unique patented processes make the material “circular,” so it can be used again and again either to make more Mirum® products or to give back nutrients to the natural environment.

The BAILEY handbag is a smart and timeless design proving that innovation and luxury go hand-in-hand. The elegant silhouette in a two-toned black and beige color-way with gold plated hardware further complements the high-end aesthetic. Each BAILEY handbag is handcrafted by artisan craftsmen in a Spanish family-owned manufactory in a location designed to reduce transport routes.

For its innovations with BAILEY, Melina Bucher has been nominated for the German Sustainability Award in the category "sustainable design". The award honors sustainability visionaries and pioneers and serves as a measure of the German Sustainability Strategy.“While other leather alternatives with plant-based content still come with a PU coating and synthetic adhesive, we now offer a first of its kind material made entirely out of natural inputs. It is the next consequent step in the future-minded, vegan fashion world,” adds Bucher.

BAILEY by Melina Bucher is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Melina Bucher

Melina Bucher is a young, ambitious German start-up that develops PETA-certified luxury handbags that make a statement - high-quality products, made fully vegan and sustainable. Transparency and traceability are core values of the brand. As a vegan label, Melina Bucher is redefining fashion and is eager to make the fashion industry transparent and ethical – leading the fashion world towards the future. The brand manages to unite what many consider opposites: Sustainability and high-end design are combined in timeless elegant handbags. The goal is to create a world where animals no longer must die for outdated ways of thinking.

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