Introducing BackMyArt: a Stress-Free Way for Artists to Earn while Creating in Uncertain Times

BackMyArt is a paid membership community platform created exclusively for artists.

BackMyArt is pleased to announce the expansion of its new platform that provides artists with tools to create a membership community that will enhance the bond with their passionate fans and enable them to earn predictable income.

According to co-founder and CEO Shahar Amiel, BackMyArt is on a mission to enable artists to focus on their art and develop their career, in the belief that now, more than ever, they are in need of a stable income. BackMyArt understands that with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, now is the time to stand by our favorite artists and support them.

“We founded BackMyArt because we believe that financial stability is crucial for artists to achieve creative fulfillment and share their true gift,” says Amiel. “With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, concerts are being canceled all over the world, which is having a profound effect on their ability to earn any income. At this crucial time we need to be more creative than ever and think outside the box to help them secure a stable and
predictable income.”

Amiel adds that in many cases, artists are losing an entire year’s worth of bookings, which is having a devastating impact on the music industry as a whole.

“This is a crucial time. Artists the world over are in desperate need of another source of stable income. And that’s where we come in. BackMyArt provides a solution that finally allows artists the opportunity for financial stability.”

Artists are invited to create a Membership Backers Community for themselves. The first step is to open an Artist Page on BackMyArt. They then invite their fans to join the Backers community and provide support. Artists can interact with their community through exclusive video content and special offers, such as the story behind the songs, studio outtakes, jam sessions, album premiere broadcasting and much more - all based
on what the artists choose to share.

“Every Artist has a group of people who believe in them, wanting them to succeed and willing to help them keep doing what they do best, make art!. This is exactly what BackMyArt is meant for. BackMyArt is for both established artists with wide audiences as well as for up-and-coming artists.”

The platform is completely free for artists. BackMyArt takes a small commission from payments made by the backers: artists keep 90% of the funds backers choose to pay, the remaining 10% covers processing fees and BackMyArt commission.

Interested artists can sign up at . The platform also provides suggestions as to how artists can find backers.

“This is the time to stand up and support your favorite artist on BackMyArt! Now more than ever, we need to stand by our favorite artists and support them,” Amiel adds.

For more information, visit the website at .

“Don’t limit yourself to use fan funding with a one-time crowdfunding, Take it to the next level with BackMyArt. Turn your artist journey into a stable income. Artists are welcome to join in and start changing their realty!"

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