Introducing Activated Grass – A 100 percent Organic Wheatgrass Supplement to Improve Wellness

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Activated Grass was developed by Natalia Maldonado & Brittani Feinberg as a formula to supercharge the wellness of Natalia after she was diagnosed with cancer. Natalia is sharing this supplement to help people looking to improve the quality of their health

Wheatgrass is a powerful, easy-to-use, organic source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential amino acids, and chlorophyll. It's one of nature's most potent sources of nutrition. But, sadly, not so many people have access to wheatgrass. Now introducing, Activated Grass, a natural certified-organic, vegan wheatgrass supplement specifically formulated to help everyone have easy access to the healing benefits of wheatgrass.

“Alongside my wife Brittani, we created a wheatgrass supplement to supercharge my wellness. I found the benefits of a daily dose of wheatgrass to be a key activator in supporting my healing journey,” said Natalia Maldonado, Co-Founder of Warrior Life Code. “Given the nutritional profile of wheatgrass, its ability to impart within you a subtle energy that guides you through the day, and its alkalization and detoxification power, it’s no wonder that organic wheatgrass became an essential component of my daily routine,” she added.

Activated Grass is formulated to harness the healing power of wheatgrass in vegan capsules offering the nutritional power of superfoods without the need to make wheatgrass juice or choke down a powdered concoction. The supplement helps with increased metabolism, energy boosts, improved mental clarity, and general body wellness.

In June 2019, Natalia Maldonado was diagnosed with breast cancer. After going through the conventional protocol with an MRI, surgery, radiation, medication, and side effects, Natalia and her wife Brittani opted out of the typical treatment to move forward holistically. Instead, Natalia checked in at Hippocrates Health Institute, where her healing journey and the Activated Grass supplement were birthed.

While at the Hippocrates Health Institute, Natalia learned to:

• Let go of toxic foods, thoughts, and people.
• Open her heart to forgiveness.
• Visualize Healing for herself and humanity.
• Voice her truth with grace.
• Vibrate higher with living foods.
• Empower herself

And this formed the basis for her Lovvve Inc., where she shares her healing process and how the wheatgrass supplement is helping her improve the quality of her life. Through the Lovvve™ initiative, Natalia and Brittani are on course to share the Activated Grass Supplement, helping with the removal of toxins, neutralization of pH balances, liver purification, and the bowels' regulation amongst other things.

Busy moms, 9-5 professionals, athletes, and anyone looking to improve the quality of their health would find the Activated Grass supplement a perfect solution. To grab a bottle of Activated Grass, visit

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Contact Info:
Name: Natalia Maldonado & Brittani Feinberg
Email: Send Email
Organization: LOVVVE Group Inc.
Address: Miami, FL 33131

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Name: Natalia Maldonado & Brittani Feinberg
Email: Send Email
Organization: LOVVVE Group Inc.
Address: Miami, FL 33131