InTouch Launches Latest Functionality Improvements to Address Growing CRM Prominence

Greater efficiency at a reduced cost helps small businesses attract and retain customers while raising their overall revenue, publishes

Statistics reveal building strong customer relationships can increase a company's revenue by more than 40 percent per sales associate. This comes as no surprise to prominent system development team InTouch who focus on providing low cost CRM and email marketing solutions for small businesses. In light of the growing dependence on the effectiveness of such systems, spokesperson Greg Black has launched the company's latest system functionality improvements.

Black affirmed, "Capturing the details of both potential customers and leads in a single central CRM and marketing system is vital to converting those prospects into sales, but the efficiency of the system you use is key in being able to do this effectively. Our new functionality features further integrate CRM, email marketing and sales management; at the same time, our solutions automate common tasks to ensure proper customer follow up. We are able to offer 80 percent of the power of similar systems with only 20 percent of the complexity, and we do so in a much more affordable manner."

Once a small business determines its target audience and finds the most effective methods to catch their attention, drawing them further in becomes crucial to sales. This is accomplished via inbound leads such as paid advertising, search engine optimization and additional online marketing strategies. Outbound leads in the form of cold calls, calling customers who are already interested in a company's products or services, mail, catering to walk-ins and other forms of direct outreach also play a significant role in this aspect.

Regardless of customers' individual stages in the line of sales, they tend to lose interest without what they consider to be proper follow up. They expect to be addressed quickly, definitively and politely. While the friendliness of those interactions depends largely on the people skills of each sales associate, speed and precision typically fall back on data consolidation. The central databases necessary to achieving this are the primary focus of the systems created by InTouch.

Said Black, "Our solutions are designed to help businesses attract and retain customers. We give our clients the ability to create sales and marketing funnels using pre-programmed emails, tasks, leads and much more. Our low cost systems demand very little attention, and since they're fully automated, they don't require a dedicated staff to operate. We've built our business on assisting small companies with their sales and customer management needs; our new features are simply the latest step in helping them more easily and effectively reach their goals."

About InTouch CRM:

InTouch CRM is an online integrated CRM and email marketing system for small businesses. With new powerful marketing automation features, small businesses can use low cost tactics that are effective and targeted. InTouch is dedicated to helping small businesses grow.

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