Intensive Group French Course by Majed Alhamad, Foreign Language Expert

Multilingual teacher Majed Alhamad to offer French course geared towards maximum learning in minimal time

Expert linguist Majed Alhamad is set to begin a six-week intensive French program. It is based on a cross- cultural, modern method, with an emphasis in language immersion techniques. Students go ‘all in’, being encouraged to speak in French and avoiding their native tongue as much as possible. They develop technical ability as well as strength in the main linguistic competencies, with efficiency and enjoyment.

The course is set in a supportive environment where students can learn effectively, at their own speed. They are encouraged to make mistakes and learn from them so they can move from a basic level to fluency. By fostering an open learning environment, students can successfully connect with the material and feel confident throughout their learning journey. During lessons, students improve their communication skills in a variety of everyday situations and are encouraged to participate and practice speaking as much as possible.

Students cover grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in two lessons per day. In a further two lessons, they concentrate on speaking, listening, reading and writing. They use a textbook as well as a wide variety of resources and exercises including roleplay, authentic materials, newspapers, and magazines.

Originally from the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Alhamad is a multilingual foreign language teacher who tutors in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish. He grew up speaking English and Arabic and was soon captivated by the European romance languages, soon mastering French and Spanish. He went on to become a translator and tourist guide in bustling Dubai, where he quickly noticed his natural ability to make language learning fun. His desire to find a method combining state-of-the-art know-how and a nurturing environment for students led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in linguistics. Mr. Alhamad has been working with clients ever since, helping them with their goals in achieving conversational levels and fluency.

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Name: Majed Alhamad
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Organization: Leading in Language
Phone: +971 4 356 6240

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