IntellITec Pueblo Announces New Scholarships Through the Jacqueline Hirsch Scholarship Fund

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IntelliTec College of Pueblo students can receive academic scholarships through a new, $2 million endowment by the Jacqueline Hirsch Foundation, formed by native Puebloan, Jacqueline Hirsch.

IntelliTec College of Pueblo is pleased to announce that students at the career-training school will be eligible to receive substantial academic scholarships through a new endowment made by native Puebloan Jacqueline Hirsch. The newly established Jacqueline Hirsch Scholarship Fund will provide academic scholarships to Pueblo-area high school graduates for at least the next 20 years.

The $2 million endowment will be administered through the Southern Colorado Community Foundation and will be divided between Colorado State University-Pueblo, Pueblo Community College and IntelliTec College. The Jacqueline Hirsch Scholarship Fund will provide non-need scholarships to graduates of Pueblo-area high schools who plan to study nursing, engineering, business administration, accounting, computer science and/or other substantive majors.

At IntelliTec, Pueblo, the endowment will allow the school to distribute $12,000 in scholarships to students annually. Students may only apply the scholarship to programs currently offered at IntelliTec Pueblo. There is only one requirement to be eligible: scholarship recipients must carry at least a “B” average in the senior year of high school and maintain that GPA at the college level.

Jacqueline Hirsch had no living heirs and wanted to ensure that any Pueblo student serious about pursuing an education would have the opportunity, regardless of their means. Jeff Osterman, executive director of the Southern Colorado Community Foundation, said, “Mrs. Hirsch was a very successful and accomplished business person in her own right. Along with managing the family properties, she was involved in real estate development and learned early on that without an education or trade skill, young people are going to struggle to make a life.” The Hirsch Scholarship Fund will continue her mission to support local Puebloans in their pursuit of better opportunities.

Jacqueline June Hirsch was born to James Utt, a former Pueblo County School District 70 superintendent, and his wife, Dorothea. The family lived and farmed in eastern Pueblo County. Hirsch later married Bob Hirsch, a grocer, and moved to Tucson, Arizona. Mrs. Hirsch died May 8, 2018; she was 88.







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