intaQt Rebranded: QiTASC Launches New Website, and Improved Test Automation Experience

QiTASC GmbH, an Austrian software company, has launched a new website and rebranded their suite of test automation products as intaQt.

QiTASC GmbH, an Austrian software company that excels in developing highly flexible and customizable end-to-end testing solutions, has launched a new website and rebranded their suite of products as intaQt.

“We're excited to share the launch of our new website. This coincides with some big changes to QiTASC's test automation products, including rebranding, new features, and plenty more to come over the next few months,” said Michael Zehender, Chief Executive Officer of QiTASC.

INTACT gets rebranded as intaQt.

Formerly INTACT, QiTASC’s intaQt stands for INtelligent Test Automation & Quality-assurance Tool. The rebranding prevents any confusion with other products or services that contain the word “intact”, and provides a streamlined approach to its products.

“If you read about intaQt, you can be certain you are reading about a QiTASC product!”

QiTASC’s aim is to provide a holistic set of testing tools, with intaQt at its core, that let their customers develop, execute, manage and analyze every aspect of their test projects from a single source. This means eliminating the need for users to switch between multiple testing products and configurations, as well as eliminating the need that arises for creating multiple versions of the same test scenarios when using multiple testing products.

A Brand New Site that Focuses on Solving Customer’s QA Problems

QiTASC recognized that they could better inform their potential customers about how their software testing suite and managed services ensures software, apps, and telecommunications infrastructure are market-ready faster and with impeccable quality. By focusing on the most common and important use cases, the new website lets visitors quickly discover the information they need to understand how the intaQt test automation software works and if it’s the right solution to achieve quality assurance goals.

Over the next few months, the new site will publish additional information about different ways to integrate intaQt and its growing, complementary toolset into diverse and complex test environments, as well as developing more online resources to help both beginners and coding experts create projects from scratch and learn about test automation.

While the product names have changed, the software itself will have the same look and feel that intaQt users are familiar with. Some of the new features introduced during the past year include:

The intaQt Audio Plugin - Used for:
-The automated comparison of audio files, including voice announcements;
-Speech channel monitoring, which verifies if the speech channel in a voice call has been established and detects any interruptions that might occur.

Remote Apptest - Enables testing apps on remote phones located anywhere in the world. This is further enhanced through the new intaQt Studio Mobile App, described below.

The intaQt Studio Mobile App - A user interface that streams the phone’s screen to intaQt Studio and lets users interact with the phone as if it's in their hands.

conQlude - A reporting service that automatically uploads all test reports, logs, media attachments and metadata to a centrally-accessible, secure web interface.

intaQt Speech-to-Text - Automated speech-to-text recognition and verification.

As QiTASC continues to refine and expand intaQt’s functionality, 2019 will see the introduction of new test automation and quality assurance products to solidify its standing as a company that provides a truly comprehensive testing framework. These products will be announced shortly, and address pain points such:
-The need to test multiple, newly-introduced phone models.
-Redundant and time-consuming activities related specifying requirements.
-Verifying traces and non-live test data.

With its website relaunch, new product branding and a host of technologically novel set of tools to launch throughout 2019, QiTASC is very excited to continue helping customers make QA testing an enjoyable, efficient and rewarding part of the product development cycle.

QiTASC is driven by its passion developing a holistic set of test automation tools that let their customers develop, execute, manage and analyze every aspect of complex QA projects from a single source. With intaQt at the heart of its solutions, QiTASC’s software eliminates the need for switching between multiple testing products and configurations, thus reducing redundant QA activities while helping customers get their products to the market faster and with higher quality than ever before.

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