Insurance Hero Announces Income Protection Insurance Offerings Now Available

Brits now able to protect lifestyle and mortgages from loss of income.

Health statistics report 7 in 10 Brits have high blood pressure and 4 percent of all people in the UK suffer from Type 2 Diabetes. Additionally, another 850,000 people are suspected of living with undiagnosed with diabetes and are running the risk of developing complications from the disease at any time. With this in mind, Simon Peters, spokesperson for Insurance Hero ( recently announced his firm is now offering affordable Income Protection Insurance for UK residents.

Says Peters, "The true benefit one receives from of Income protection insurance is the peace of mind you receive. This type of insurance gives a family a safety net in case you are suddenly struck ill or have an accident. This way, everything you've worked for doesn't have to go down the drain while you recover. You can focus on recovering and your family can maintain the lifestyle they've come to expect. Your children can stay in college or continue to play sports just like before."

Income protection insurance is especially beneficial, according to Peters, when the insured is the main money earner of the family or is self-employed. "The continuing payouts can be used to pay for essentials and on-going expenses like utilities and a home mortgage. Self-employed individuals and some other workers do not have sick pay benefits and this coverage addresses that situation. It allows the insured to take the necessary time off from work without losing all income."

Also called permanent health insurance, another benefit is the flexibility. Peters confirms, saying, "The insured determines how the on-going monthly payments are spent. This provides the freedom to deem which expenses take priority. In addition, individuals can lower their policy premiums by selecting a longer deferment period. If they are willing to wait a year or more for payments to begin, they can often purchase this coverage at a very reasonable cost. If the insured is able to return to work before the policy term ends, the maximum financial benefit will be realized."

Peters explains at Insurance Hero, consumers can receive a quote ( for their particular situation. "For an income protection quote, we ask consumers to fill out a simple form on our website and once we receive your inquiry, our team goes to work finding your ideal quote. You can then review your personal income protection quote, or you may get a call if we require more information."

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