Insurance Company Working To Promote Mental And Physical Health During Pandemic

HanseMerkur Insurance is using the influence the company has to encourage mental and physical health in the workplace through the continuing pandemic. They hope to help people avoid issues such as anxiety and strain to the body.

HanseMerkur is working hard to ensure that people at work are not suffering from mental health or physical health concerns during the continuing pandemic. The insurance company, which provides health insurance to individuals and families, understands that physical and mental health issues including carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder and neck pain, anxiety and depression are all on the rise.

The business has posted articles about these topics on their website, in the hope of ensuring that business owners and employees do pay attention to the potential risk. The business is highlighting research in Europe that suggests that people, who work for more than 10 hours each day, are more likely to experience cardiovascular problems.

They are eager to encourage people to take control of their life and take on a more active lifestyle.

HanseMerkur suggests that there are numerous ways people can protect their health while at work. This includes moving around or completing an exercise at their desk. The company claims even short stretches and exercises can help reduce the chances of numerous health issues.

The business is also keen to encourage positive mental health in the workplace. They are aiming to ensure people remain active in social groups and urge people to continue to form positive relationships in and outside of work.

The insurance company believes that employers should take responsibility for preserving the physical and mental health of their employees. The company is also keen to point out the importance of protecting employees from long term health issues that could impact their overall quality of life.

About HanseMerkur Insurance

HanseMerkur was founded in Hamburg in 1875. It is Germany’s second-oldest insurance company and one of the most trusted insurers in all of Europe. The company takes pride in delivering a high-quality solution to every client while working to ensure exemplary service and positive levels of customer satisfaction.

The business is engaged in a range of insurance segments including health and medical insurance. The company aims to provide high levels of clarity and transparency when providing its services to customers, ensuring their clients always know what is covered and exactly what they are paying for.

HanseMerkur also strives to provide a service that offers great value while working to reduce levels of risk for its clients.

More information about HanseMerkur can be found on the business website. Alternatively, a representative for the company can be contacted directly using the information provided below.

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