Instant Worldwide Success For Creation Of New Organic Treatment To Replace Laser Hair Removal

The unprecedented affordable at-home-treatment is 100% organic, and overnight has become the most sought out product in the world.

"Hairless" has produced never-before-seen results for men and woman around the world. The 25-year-old being dubbed as “The Organic Mastermind”, has taken the cost of hair removal from thousands, to just $16.99.

Ryan Zamo, the CEO of Z Skin Cosmetics, has been sweeping international headlines for his innovative organic products. Recently published articles featured Zamo’s organic alternative to chemical-face-peels, his eye cream that instantly removes bags and dark circles, and his hair loss prevention line. The 25-year-old has climbed up the ladder in the organic industry, and now the corporate giants want a piece of the action.

“I never thought that these products would make money, it was really second nature to me when I developed them all. My mom is a plant biologist and horticulturist, and my dad is from Budapest, Hungary so I’ve grown up around these treatments all my life”, said the successful 25-year-old. "Hairless” uses ancient global traditions from around the world to help slow and stop hair growth. The young entrepreneur was not going to let us in on the secret, Zamo did explain that the procedure he’s created is one similar to what Cleopatra used in her time. “I guess I just love doing research and studying ancient herbal medicines from around the world, its really interesting learning the things you can do with plants”, the CEO added.

His products have proven to have remarkable results, with Z Hair beating out Pantene and Garnier and Z Skin being dubbed “Product Of The Year” by the Wall Street Journal. When asked about his success, Zamo said, “Everything I sell is because I made it for myself or my mom, I made the Z Skin line because I had bad acne, the Z Hair line because I had thin breaking hair and Hairless for my mom”.

Z Skin Cosmetics, just launching its new line “Z Hair” weeks ago, is now the go-to product for organic skin and hair care. By using exotic herbs and oils from around the world, these products have created quite the buzz for themselves. Zamos products have the remarkable ability to heal acne, lift and firm skin in weeks and regrow, thicken and strengthen hair. The young CEO has been helping thousands around the world with his skin and hair care products, and with every product priced under $17, it won't be long until it becomes the number one organic company in the world.

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