Instant Product Lab Helps Users Reduce Their Time Spends On Creating Ebooks And Lead Magnets

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Building an email list is necessary to make a connection with customers who are likely to be product buyers. Making high-quality ebooks and lead magnets are crucial if marketers want to build a list. However, this task takes them too much time to do well.

People used to waste hours or days to writing unique eBooks while they could have gotten more important works done in that time. Understand this shortcoming; Instant Product Lab was built to solve the problem that most marketers are tired with.

Instant Product Lab is a cloud-based software that is claimed to create info products and unique ebook for users in a minute. Unlike other similar tools, Instant Product Lab is easy-to-use. It requires users no effort to get this software because it is hosted securely online and users do not have to download anything.

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Instead of wasting a lot of time creating eBooks and lead magnets, Instant Product Lab allows users to do all these things in less than a minute. Hence they will have more time to focus on other important tasks like creating new products, writing quality content or providing better customer service.

Also, it will automatically insert affiliate links within users’ eBooks to make lots of benefits from it. People can create unique ecovers and simple giveaway reports in a minute.

Using Instant Product Lab, over 250000 online articles are opened for its users to access and legally use other people’s content. People who use this product will be able to create high-quality ebooks easily then share them on different PDF sites total on autopilot.

People can find more special features of Instant Product Lab here

Despite all the benefits of this product, it’s easy for users to use. They do not need any “tech” skills to master it. After purchasing Instant Product Lab, users are allowed to access this product’s page. Next, they need to enter keywords that relate to the content they want to use in their eBook and start searching. After that, users could choose from one of the multiple ecovers provided by Instant Product Lab and then click a button to create their ebooks in less than a minute.

When using Instant Product Lab, online marketers do not have to waste their time waiting for getting their eBooks or shorts report done by designers. Instant Product Lab will help them do all these things in a very less time.

Furthermore, to give more convenient experience for users, they offer some of bonuses below:

Bonus 1: Live training webinar

Join their customers only webinar where they reveal their secret 3 step formula that has enabled them to take their Instant Product Lab products to multiple six figures per year.

Bonus 2: Access to their product & lead magnet vault

Over the years they have released many awards winning information products and they’re going to give users lifetime access to their product vault so that they can help their users in building list.

In a nutshell, Instant Product Lab is a right product for online marketers who have been tired of creating quality eBooks and lead magnets which normally takes them too much time to do.

For more information, readers could see Instant Product Lab software detail review here.

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Name: Gerald I. Smedley
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