Instant Noodle Is Going Through An Renaissance

It was found out that Master Kong, continued growth in the industry, not only in China but worldwide.

Master Kong, the leader in the instant noodle industry, announces continued growth in the industry, not only in China but worldwide. Instant noodles are experiencing a resurgence in popularity among the middle class in China as a result of new interest, greater choices, and marathon participation. The recent introduction of premium instant noodle products including soups, DIY noodles, and instant hot pots has resulted in increased sales from middle-class families an attracted a number of new consumers.

Earlier this year in the Berlin Marathon 2018, a large number of Chinese marathon runners participated. The sport of marathon running is a growing trend among the middle-class individuals in China who believe it helps balance mind and body while alleviating the boredom of daily life. Surprisingly, in addition to daily conditioning, runners utilize instant noodles to deliver the carbohydrates needed for energy during marathon training. The instant noodle meal not only satisfies cravings for a traditional Chinese noodle bowl but also offers the energy needed by middle-class marathon runners.

Master Kong Instant Noodles have found space for growth in the instant noodle industry due to the recent uptick in sales and consumption. As the industry poises for growth, Master Kong is poised to lead the latest growth with new products through the competition is strong and continue to enhancing products to meet the needs of a population seeking healthy and delicious options.

“Today’s instant noodles continue to improve both in nutrition, quality, and taste, as they move into mid to high end markets and experience, continued economic growth among China’s middle class. Recent marketing efforts, including the Olympics and among Marathon runners, ensures the continued resurgence of instant noodles’ popularity.”

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