Inspire Health Offers STOTT PILATES® For Marietta And Atlanta, GA Area Residents

Inspire Health provides a range of programs to improve health and fitness. STOTT PILATES® classes are available for singles, duets or group sessions.

Inspire Health is pleased to announce that there are classes offered in STOTT PILATES® in Atlanta, Georgia. The sessions in Pilates are focused on providing intelligent exercise with profound results. STOTT PILATES® exercises are created to restore the spinal column's natural curves, as well as to rebalance the muscles around the joints. Pilates exercises restore top neuromuscular performance with a focus on core stability. The sessions balance flexibility with muscular strength.

The Pilates instructors are trained and certified to lead in the STOTT PILATES® methods. The success of students is the prime consideration. Signing up for individual sessions or small classes provide fun and challenging experiences for students. The techniques that are provided are corrective and supportive. The instructors offer motivational feedback and educate clients about strengths, as well as teaching how to improve any areas in need. Students can arrange for a 50-minute private session, tailored to the individual student. An alternative approach is to take part in a Duet Session intended for two clients. Group classes are also available with a full program of mat, reformer, and stability chair exercises.

Inspire Health and its dedication to STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary approach to the original method which was created by Joseph Pilates. The modern method includes principles of exercise science and rehabilitation. The technique is one of the safest and most effective methods available. The exercises restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance muscles by changing the exercise sequence, the alignment of the posture, and the addition of props.

The many benefits of following a Pilates program include increased core strength, stability and peripheral mobile, as well as strength without unwanted bulk. Students achieve improved fitness levels to help prevent injury. The methods decrease joint impact and enhance balance, circulation, and coordination. Increased ease of movement, and intensified body awareness are also part of the advantages gained from STOTT PILATES® sessions.

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