Inspire Health Offers Natural Pain Relief Solutions With Dry Needling

Inspire Health uses dry needling techniques as a pain relief measure following injuries or other degenerative processes. Dry needling is highly effective against referral pain.

Inspire Health are pleased to announce the organization offers a technique known as dry needling. The technique is suitable for patients who have had an injury or a degenerative process, followed by muscular tightness and spasm. These symptoms lead to compression and irritation of the nerves which originate in the spinal column. When the nerves are irritated, the muscles which are connected go into a protective spasm. This is a natural response from the body attempting to protect itself and often results in referral pain.

Referral pain can lead to secondary dysfunction such as tendonitis, decreased mobility, carpal tunnel, osteoarthritis and chronic pain, as well as a range of other disorders. The therapy known as Dry Needling treats a broad range of such injuries, including muscle tears, rotator cuff injuries, golfers/tennis elbow, shin splints and cervico-genic headaches. In addition, the therapy addresses sciatica, patellar tendonitis, achilles tendonitis and impingement syndromes.

Dry needling is a very effective treatment which identifies and eliminates referral pain. The treatment identifies the source of the pain and places a small filament needle into relaxed muscles. The needle elicits a small twitch response and relaxing of the muscle. The identification and stimulation of trigger points reboot the muscle to alleviate both the original problem and the secondary pain.

The physical therapists at Inspire Health are trained by Kinetcore. They meet standards set by the Georgia State Board of Physical Therapy and perform dry needling as licensed physical therapists. For those patients who are experiencing pain, schedule a consultation with one of the physical therapists at Inspire Health. The PT will determine whether dry needling is appropriate for the particular condition.

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