Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs start helping local communities in times of need during Covid19

Every now and then, there are individuals who seem to defy the odds, have the ability to shift the momentum or overcome challenges that have you wondering how do they do it?

Meet Gina Diaz and Farrah Ali, the Co-Founders of WE WIN LLC (Women Entrepreneurs Women Investors Network) and WE WIN Foundation. These two women have carved out a path for themselves by seizing whatever opportunity that came their way. Although their stories are different, one thing they have in common is the ability to rise above hardships, family responsibilities and cultural differences in addition to the layer of complexities that come with being a female entrepreneur.

Ali is the definition of a creative entrepreneur who turns what others may perceive as obstacles into a catalyst for transformation and change. A woman who was able to build from scratch. Handling one job is exhausting as it is, but after Ali tackles the day as a full-time insurance professional, she begins her work as a real estate investor. Ali’s journey as an investor began in the summer of 2014. Since then she has amassed dozens of rental properties throughout the Chicagoland area. Not to mention everything she does with WE WIN LLC and WE WIN Foundation and its charitable distribution events. Aside from this, she is also a single mother to her two children. Juggling these various roles and responsibilities is a constant balancing act that requires devotion, diligence and self-motivation, attributes Farrah clearly possesses in abundance.

Diaz is also an exemplary example of an innovative female entrepreneur, who has overcome the most difficult of circumstances in her life and used them as chances to learn from. Diaz is a mother of three, ovarian cancer survivor, and a first-generation college student who works professionally as an attorney. During the day, she works in Berwyn, Illinois, where she manages her law office, Diazcase Law, tirelessly serving the needs of her community. As well as being recognized as one of the top real estate attorneys for investors and consumer purchases, she dedicates her time to fighting for undocumented immigrants. Alongside law, she has also delved into the field of real estate through another branch of her business – Diazcase Realty, while also working with her partner Farrah Ali for the WE WIN LLC and WE WIN FOUNDATION.

These two rising female entrepreneurs have built a business and community for themselves completely from scratch, and their philosophical approach means that they want to use their success to give back to their communities. In a testament to their sustainable and ethical business model, Ali and Diaz co-founded WE WIN. This organization serves to encourage, inspire and motivate other women to embark on their own journeys into investing. They didn’t stop there, however, and established a non-for-profit called the WE WIN Foundation, which hopes to help local communities in times of need.

Through their work with WE WIN, Ali and Diaz strive to use their expertise to empower and educate other female entrepreneurs, providing them with a means to pursue their dreams while also attaining financial freedom and independence in a field that can seem daunting at first. Practical means of support such as financial advice, training and workshops and combined with a strong community culture consisting of like-minded female entrepreneurs. This is facilitated through various social events where female entrepreneurs can network with one another, become recipients as well as sources of inspiration.

Ali and Diaz continue to seek innovative ways through which they can give back to their community. On Saturday, May 23, 2020 the WE WIN Foundation hosted an event in Lansing, Illinois, “Building our Communities: Food Distribution”, where Ali, Diaz and volunteers personally packed and organized 250 boxes holding a range of versatile grocery items. Everything from the tiniest of details was planned, with the volunteers creating a seamless contact-free process, where a box was placed into each person’s trunk or back seat.

WE WIN’s food distribution event was a massive success where Ali and Diaz demonstrated their commitment to helping their communities, even during the uncertainty and unrest brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. WE WIN Foundation will continue to work with other numerous towns and villages throughout the Chicagoland area to help those in need.

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