Insanity Max 30 Launches December 2, 2014, reports

Smart Ass Fitness announces individuals lose between 10 and 30 pounds in 60 days with the help of this program

Smart Ass Fitness announces the launch of Insanity Max 30, the long awaited program created by Shaun T, on December 2, 2014. With the launch of this new workout program individuals around the globe receive the opportunity to work out with this fitness master, and consumers find ordering the program though Smart Ass Fitness to be easy. The results seen using this product astound all who try it.

"Individuals making use of Insanity Max 30 find they can lose between 10 and 30 pounds in only 60 days, spending only 30 minutes a day using the product. The results are similar to those seen with Insanity, yet less time needs to be spent working out. Users with limited time find this program is exactly what they have been searching for to achieve their weight loss goals," Miguel Carrasco, Smart Ass Fitness spokesperson, declares.

One problem many encounter when it comes to their workout routine is boredom. With the help of Insanity Max 30, this becomes less of an issue, especially for those who have been using Insanity with great success since its release. Even those who have never followed a workout program before benefit from the use of Insanity Max, as the program comes with a low-impact modifier. Anyone who feels they cannot keep up can use the modifier option until they feel they are ready for the complete workout.

"The modifier option shows up on a split screen, so the user sees the original exercise and the adaptation. Individuals testing the product found this modification to be of great help. Everyone who tries the program will find they can now keep up, using either the original exercise or the modified version, depending on their fitness level and other factors. It's a new innovation in the workout market, and one consumers are sure to love," Carrasco explains.

The program offers a number of workouts to prevent boredom also. One finds a cardio challenge, sweat intervals, Tabata strength workouts, Tabata power routines, and Friday Fight, a martial arts inspired workout. All workouts are included on ten disks and take the user through an eight week workout program. In addition, the program contains other tools and resources designed to help users succeed in their weight loss and fitness journey.

"The program offers meal plans which are easy to follow, while the program provides a schedule which can be customized to meet your needs. With the help of these tools, users stay on track to see amazing weight loss in a short period of time. Anyone looking to lose weight needs to check this program out. Act quickly, however. As soon as the product goes live, it is sure to be snatched up," Carrasco proclaims.

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Smart Ass Fitness provides consumers with workout products suitable for use at home, allowing consumers to shed excess pounds or inches. Programs take only 30 minutes a day, yet users obtain remarkable results.

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