Innovative, Unique Feather Camera Crane Now Available at Lite Pro Gear Online Store

Durable, 3.8-pound, highly mobile camera jib designed to suit needs of world's most demanding adventure cinematographers, enables higher production values for any shoot, Lite Pro Gear reports

Lite Pro Gear announced that the company's lightweight, high-performance Feather Camera Crane™ camera jib is now available for purchase through the company's online store at Designed to meet the needs of adventure and action sports cinematographers but just as capable for other purposes, the unique Feather Camera Crane™ weighs only 3.8 pounds and offers an adjustable boom length of up to 10 feet. With an industry-leading list of features, Lite Pro Gear's Feather Camera Crane™ gives highly mobile filmmakers and photographers access to unprecedented power and flexibility.

"After fine-tuning the Feather Camera Crane™ through extensive feedback from some of the world's most demanding and adventurous cinematographers," Lite Pro Gear representative Jay Seals said, "we're excited to announce that this one-of-a-kind product is now available to all. There is absolutely nothing else like the Feather Camera Crane™ on the market, and we are confident that many more ambitious filmmakers and photographers are going to be doing some amazing things with this incredible piece of equipment."

Having traveled to some of the world's ruggedest and most dramatic locations in the course of shooting adventure and outdoor sports photography, Canyon Florey found himself wishing that there was a way of upping the production values of his work, as by adding smoother camera movement and more dramatic angles. The challenging nature of his chosen career meant that conventional camera jibs would not suffice, as the heavy, bulky pieces of equipment would bog down travel and never stand up to the harsh environments that Florey regularly found himself shooting in.

Retreating to his garage, Florey put together a prototype of an entirely new kind of camera crane, one that was designed from the start to be at home in the mountains and wilds. Extensive field testing produced a series of refinements to this original design, and within a year the first production-ready unit was unveiled. In April of 2012 the finalized Feather Camera Crane™ was put to use on Jeremy Jones' FURTHER, capturing previously impossible footage of snowboarder Ryland Bell as he descended a steep peak in the remote, unforgiving St Elias Mountains of Alaska.

That same Lite Pro Gear Feather Camera Crane™ is now available to all at the company's online store. With a boom constructed from lightweight, entirely corrosion-proof carbon fiber, the 3.8 pound device can be easily transported to the harshest and remotest filming locations, collapsing down to a mere 28" for travel. The Feather Camera Crane™ is capable of supporting everything from handheld DSLR cameras to production equipment like the Red Epic or FS 700, and sets up and stows easily, entirely without tools.

With a 7-foot span from tripod pivot to head, and an included Rock Bag for counterweight, the 10-foot boom enables shots and production quality that are simply not possible otherwise. Having been designed from the start to happily endure the abuse and unrelenting demands of the world's most adventurous cinematographers, the Feather Camera Crane™ is at home in any environment. The Lite Pro Gear Feather Camera Crane™ is now available for immediate shipment from the company's online store at

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Creating innovative, bulletproof, highly mobile products that allow demanding cinematographers to deliver more impressive results, Lite Pro Gear is best known for the Feather Camera Crane™, a unique, lightweight camera jib that goes anywhere and remains at home in the toughest of environments.

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