Innovative Toilet Brush Offers Drip-Free Toilet Cleaning Experience

ELYPRO has announced the release of its newest innovation in bathroom cleaning. The company is now delivering a drip-free toilet cleaning experience to homeowners with its popular toilet brush and holder. This design maintains clean bathrooms by keeping excess water inside the caddy, which prevents it from dripping onto floors or counters

ELYPRO is pleased to report that its toilet brush and caddy continues to do well on Amazon. This portable toilet bowl brush has been designed to prevent water dripping on the floor after use. In addition to keeping the bathroom floor dry, this toilet cleaner also helps maintain proper hygiene by eliminating contaminated water.

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Once scrubbing is completed, the attached caddy of the toilet brush collects all the excess water droplets from the brush by folding down before it is returned to the floor. Users can easily drain any excess water with the convenient spout.

One of the most important features of the toilet cleaning brush is its high-quality bristles that are sturdy, shed-free, but gentle enough to prevent damage. They also allow it to reach the most stubborn areas.

“With the push of a button, the caddy folds out of your way when you want to use the brush and folds right back into a closed position after use. Any excess water drips in it, rather than on the floor. This is what makes our brush dripless,” said ELYPRO spokesperson Adnan Lekic.

“I had never seen a toilet brush concept like this, but I like it… I always HATED pulling the toilet brush out of the toilet water and Potentially dripping it on the seat when I went to put it away behind the toilet… especially after having just cleaned the whole thing… This eliminates that concern…. as minor as it is, I welcome anything that eases the random stresses of mind… Five stars.,” an impressed user mentioned.

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