Innovative Skincare Brand Ancors Unveil 2021 Fall/Winter Collection

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Since its launch in 2009, ANCORS Skin Health Research is excited to be unveiling its full 2021 Fall/Winter collection for customers, including an array of single sheet masks, patches, creams and hydrogels, and dedicated skincare products.

The cold winter months can be incredibly tough on your skin. From fluctuating temperatures as you go from the cold outdoors to warm indoors to biting winds, your skin is constantly exposed to harsh conditions. This can quickly result in your skin drying out and become sore and cracked.

Eager to help customers enjoy the healthiest and brightest looking skin, the ANCORS Skin Health Research Institute has unveiled its all-new Fall/Winter skincare OEM and ODM products. The thorough new range offers everything consumers will need to keep themselves looking and feeling their best throughout the winter months and beyond.

The comprehensive new ANCORS 2021 Fall/Winter range features a wide range of sheet masks designed to rejuvenate your face. These sheets include the Instant Brightening Mask that helps to restore skin vitality, Condition Up Mask, which can help to keep your skin clear and moisturized, and the Water Steam Mask, which has been specifically designed to moisturize dry skin as the season change. The 2021 face mask range also includes an innovative Shrinky Mask to help lift saggy skin, Deto Mask to remove dirt and toxins, and the Heartleaf Calming Mask, which has been created to soothe your skin following constant mask-wearing during the pandemic.

Alongside its comprehensive range of face masks, ANCORS new collection of OEM and ODM products also has a wide choice of creams and hydrogels. These ground-breaking solutions have been specifically created to give the skin the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Safe for use across the entire body, the range includes solutions designed to soothe irritated skin, firm up sagging skin, and deeply moisturize dry skin. There is also a wide choice of hydrogel masks and patches to moisturize and revitalize tired-looking skin.

ANCORS is also launching a host of innovative skincare products. From super-strong cleansers for sensitive skin and natural cleansing oils to toners and serums designed to hydrate, reduce signs of aging, and firm up your skin.

Since its launch in 2009, ANCORS has continuously strived to deliver the very best skincare products on the market. The highly experienced team of researchers is constantly developing ground-breaking solutions. Utilizing highly specialist techniques, such as shape memory formulation, lipid/hydra cell capsulation, and long-lasting bubble technology, ANCORS strives to deliver the highest quality, all-natural products. The company has also been certified by the world-renowned vegan certification body EVE VEGAN®.

Working with some of the biggest brands in the world, ANCORS OEM and ODM products are helping to revolutionize the cosmetic industry through unrivaled skincare solutions, sheet masks, and hydrogel masks.

Speaking on the launch of the new range, Peter Kim, Overseas Sales Team at ANCORS said, “We are very pleased to be launching our new 2021 Fall/Winter product range for organizations across the globe. Our highly experienced team has worked hard to develop the most comprehensive array of skincare solutions that help to provide consumers with truly innovative products that will leave them looking and feeling their very best.

All of our skincare products have been carefully created from natural ingredients and vegan certified. Any brands looking to discover our latest OEM and ODM solutions should get in touch today to find out more.”

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