Innovative Products Co. Launches Campaign to Reduce Distracted Driving

Distracted driving accident rates decreased slightly in 2012, yet remain too high reports Innovative Products Co.

According to, 3,328 Americans were killed in distraction related car accidents in 2012, with another 421,000 being injured in an accident involving a driver who was distracted. They also found that 660,000 drivers, at any time during the day in America, were making use of an electronic device while driving, a concern for every driver on the road. "Innovative Products Co., in an effort to prevent distracted driving, continues to develop tools, including texting while driving solutions, designed to reduce the risk of distracted driving," reveals Joe Herrmann – President of Innovative Products Co.

When creating GPS tools Enterprise customers, IPC understands safety and operational efficiency must be the top concern. As a result, the company strives to remove distractions while still providing drivers with the tools they need to increase efficiency and productivity. All screen management technologies are now integrated in one program and, with the help of DriveScreen, businesses have three ways to restrict access to mobile devices when a vehicle is moving. "Companies choose the program which best meets their needs, based on driving behaviors of employees, as IPC realizes a one size fits all program no longer works when it comes to preventing the use of devices while driving due to the diversity of the current work force," Herrmann explains.

Whether DriveScreen is set to completely black out the screen when a vehicle is moving, or lock the device so that the screen can be seen but not interacted with, or allow for whitelisted apps that can be configured to be seen or used independently your workforce is always operating the device in manner that your team has prescribed. Herrmann encourages all IPC customers to "Consider all three options when choosing a screen management technology to select the one which discourages distracted driving without affecting productivity,"

In addition to offering navigational software, IPC provides companies with a range of products, including SmartPort a port sharing device and splitting application that allows one GPS device to be used by multiple applications. SmartPort lives up to its name by finding the GPS, switching between multiple GPS devices, and recovering from device failures. "Check out the wide range of solutions offered through our company. IPC works to create products designed to keep drivers safe while providing businesses with the tools needed to manage their mobile workforce at all times. The above mentioned products are just a sample of IPC products and we continue to develop products that help to achieve our customer’s goals," Joe declares.

About Innovative Products Co:
Innovative Products Co. offers distracted driving solutions, tracking and navigation systems, along with complementary hardware products, designed to drive performance excellence of clients through the use of GPS technology. The company remains focused on strengthening technology based on the needs of customers, and the service, integration and product enhancements offered ensure IPC's place as an industry leader. Original software applications combined with hardware products facilitate the systems offered through the company, and outstanding customer performance is assured at all times thanks to highly qualified design and service.

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