Innovative non-profit offers unique physical therapy services for individuals with physical disabilities

Physical therapy proves difficult for serious illnesses or injuries; doubly affecting people harboring pre-existing disabilities. MovingWithHope’s unparalleled, nonprofit offers physical therapy targeting physical disabilities. MWH delivers solutions providing hope, believing everyone can improve and get moving again, working tirelessly helping patients regain independence.

Unable to access the specialized treatment she needed until four years after an accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down, Keitha found hope. More specifically, MovingWithHope (MWH), a non-profit organization which provides physical therapy services for the disabled.

MWH is an innovative adaptive fitness, rehabilitation, and learning center based in Shelton, Connecticut. The organization is committed to empowering survivors, strengthening communities, and giving hope. MWH provides essential rehab, exercise, and skills training to people living with moderate to severe physical disabilities.

Joanne and Thatcher ‘Tad’ Duni founded MWH in 2010 in response to the massive void in physical therapy services for the disabled that they witnessed in their combined 80 years of physical therapy experience. Tad founded Connecticut’s first adaptive fitness center and Joanne worked as a practicing physical therapist and administrator. Together, they have served over 25,000 people living with physical disabilities.

“Science tells us that everyone gets stronger and healthier by simply moving,” said Tad. “But we started encountering individuals with more complicated disabilities who had elsewhere spent 2 to 15 years in unproductive therapy. We knew something had to change, something had to give these people hope.”

MWH believes that people with physical disabilities just need the right equipment, plan of care and time, lots of time. The neuro-recovery approach developed by MWH and supported by peer reviewed research, contends that clients with moderate to severe neurological impairments can continue to make gains in functional movement. The catch is it requires 400 or more hours of physical therapy in a calendar year. MWH has shown this to be true even years after the onset of their injury or illness. The data indicates that nearly 100% of MWH’s clients who comply with the benchmark of 400 hours in 12 months have realized significant improvements in all 5 major activities of daily living (personal hygiene, dressing and undressing, transferring: movement and mobility, toileting, and preparing food and feeding.

Tad acknowledges that MWH’sf intensive long-term physical therapy can be expensive. “But that’s why we developed the non-profit to deliver the services,” said Tad. The organization allows us to offer these specialized services at affordable prices at affordable prices. We didn’t think that cost should be the reason an individual loses hope.”

Keitha is living proof the MWH’s formula works. After years of non-productive therapies, Keitha had lost or regressed in several abilities. Within months of becoming a MWH client, she started regaining or strengthening those abilities. Today, Keitha has a new fitness goal: She has hope that through MWH therapy, she’ll be able to regain some lower body sensation and eventually stand.

Over the past 10 years, MWH has seen and helped hundreds of clients like Keita with various types of physical disabilities. MWH believes that the impact of what the organization goes far beyond improving an individual’s situation. “Time and time again we have seen how restoring independence and hope to one benefits an entire community,” says Tad. “I just wish there were more organizations like ours out there. Everyone deserves to live the fullest life possible.”

For information on MWH’s services, the organization’s background or how to become a client, go to or call 203-513-8424.

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