Innovative Law Firm Marketing Program Offers Free SEO For Lawyers

Zealous Influence has just launched a proprietary program to deliver free leads from SEO for a limited number of law firms wanting to step up their internet marketing in 2015.

The latest client success presentation by Zealous Influence has just been released. The offer: Free Law Firm Marketing, specifically free law firm SEO.

Presented by their CEO, Zeal Caiden, the video presentation gives a solid base of education on what SEO is, and dives deeply into the economics of SEO for law firms, revealing “insider data” that shows why most law firms are getting no results with SEO, and why certain firms are sitting pretty while increasing profits month over month.

The presentation shows hard statistics on why SEO is so economically favorable for attorneys, covering in detail what success looks like all the way through the marketing funnel.

When asked for a quote, Zeal Caiden offered, “We’ve been having some huge wins for our law firm clients and we’re really feeling it right now. So I came up with the craziest offer I’ve ever made as a marketing agency executive to make it as easy as possible for new clients to hop on board with us.“

Caiden went on to add, "Attorneys are in a tough position. They want SEO results. They want to believe it's possible for them to experience those benefits. But they are getting pitched constantly by all kinds of people - hucksters, consultants, big agency reps- who can't rank, who just can't compete in the brutally competitive game of attorney SEO. This offer changes everything."

Further, Caiden wants it to be known that in addition to providing thought leadership and one of the most effective portfolio of services law firm marketing, that the company is working on new technology to "make the world a better place for consumers, for attorneys, for everybody. Next-level Silicon Valley make-a-dent-in-the-Universe stuff."

Zeal Caiden, as well as his key managers, are available for all legitimate press inquiries relevant to law firm marketing, law firm SEO, local SEO, local business marketing, as well as SEO, content marketing and digital marketing in general and for other specific business models.

To watch the full 30-minute video presentation, as well as access the limited free SEO program application, visit the official free law firm SEO presentation page on the Zealous Influence website:

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