Innovative House Sitting Platform Unveils Exciting Opportunity For Travelers

With the travel trend of house sitting on the rise, one peer-to-peer platform is going the extra mile with a new initiative called ’Nomador Stopovers’, an exciting world first within the collaborative consumption movement.

The international house-sitting community of has grown over the last two years to reach 23,000 members worldwide. It is primarily a community of pet-lovers, people who love animals as much as they love travelling and discovering the different countries of the world.

In April 2016, this ‘match-making’ platform added a whole new level of service for its fast growing community. “We wanted to provide a chance for our members to develop friendships and useful connections with families in other countries, and to find short stops during their travels abroad or for in between house-sits” says founder, Mariannig Ferrari.

Nomador Stopovers has been described as a grown-up version of couch surfing, an exchange service that has been successful for many years. Speaking on the initiative behind the move Mrs Ferrari adds “It has long been our desire to help facilitate the forging of international friendships and better cross cultural understanding across borders."

Many of the house sitting community have stated that the opportunity to 'live like locals’ is what drives most of their travel decisions. “It’s not about just having a cheap (or free) place to stay, its about making connections with people around the world and getting to experience life in a different culture.” says Jodie Burnham, a full-time international house sitter, “And now with Nomador Stopovers, we have the chance to stay with people of like mind in between our house sitting assignments - it’s yet another win/win for home and pet owners and those of us who love providing our services for free."

The creators of Nomador Stopovers are reaching out those who have a spare bedroom and are willing to open their door for a night or two to foreign home owners and house-sitters, even if just once per year.

“I believe we all share a passion to travel, to explore, and to meet locals — and Nomador Stopovers helps us fulfill our dream of connecting people on a global scale. It's our curiosity about other cultures and different ways of life. It's our desire to meet people who are different from us, and it's celebrating those differences that make it so exciting.” Mariannig continues, “Our wish is to teach our children the meaning of the word ‘Hospitality' and to continue to believe that most of humanity is fundamentally generous and willing to take part in collaborative consumption."

Getting involved in this initiative allows members of to:

- Make other member's travel experiences special when they're in your part of the world
- Offer travellers a genuine local experience in a proper house
- Make new international friends
- Save guests the cost of an anonymous hotel room
- Possibly cook your favorite local recipe to share
- Enrich each other's profiles (by getting feedback from other members of the community)

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A Special offer for new members is available until the 31st May, 2016

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