Innovative Artist Continues to Fascinate With Exhibitions Across US and Europe

Renowned for her creative and unique expressionist paintings, Chicago-born artist Dellamarie Parrilli continues to receive critical acclaim and growing popularity. The enigmatic expressionist continues to showcase her work in exhibitions across the US and Europe.

Artists are often something of an enigma. At times we tend to show as much interest in the artist themselves as we do in their work. There are artists out there whose creativity, persona, and mystery transcend art itself, Dellamarie Parrilli is one such artist.

As one of the most intriguing and talented abstract artists of the modern era, her multi disciplined creative art draws on many inspirations, and her background in music and dance is reflected in some of her more experimental works. Singing and dancing on her canvases to create unique, inspirational, and illuminating paintings that set her apart from so many of her contemporaries.

Early Career

Parrilli burst onto the art scene with her first-ever public exhibition at the Fine Arts Building in her hometown of Chicago in 2002. The success of this exhibition led critics to label her ‘a profound arrival to the art world,’ and kick started her career as one of the most revered and intriguing artists of modern times. That year she scooped the Richard W. and Wanda Gardner Memorial Award, as well as the Manhattan Arts International Artist Showcase Award, among others. This led to nationwide recognition, as well as turning heads internationally, resulting in several exhibitions across Europe.

With her origins as a singer, Parrilli turned to art in the mid-’00s, combining her passions, and showcasing her art as lyrical abstractions. If you are fortunate enough to get to one of her exhibitions you will get to enjoy one of the finest talents in the art world.


Parrilli has become as famous for her style of art as she has for the individual pieces she creates. Her approach to expressionist art fuses styles influenced by Pollock, Tobey, and Kandinsky, combined with her own unique flair. One of Dellamarie’s signature styles is the physicality and musicality she brings to her paintings. Renowned for a physical commitment to her art, she has carved quite a niche for herself as an ‘action painter.’

Expressionist painting is so difficult to define, but some of the hallmarks of a Dellamarie Parrilli piece include:

Chromatic fireworks color scheme
Focus on light and luminescence
Incorporating 3D
Rich textures and broad brush strokes
Staccato pallet knife strokes
Aesthetic experimentation

Parrilli is certainly one of the most recognizable artists in the industry, and anyone who is a fan of unusual off-the-wall experimental expressionism will certainly love the work she has to offer. In 2008 she made the decision to experiment with light even more, and this led to a move toward materials with stronger luminescence, such as thermoplastic sheeting. This now plays a big role in much of her work, in particular her ‘Beyond 2D’ collection.

Styles change so frequently in the art world, so it is refreshing to see that Dellamarie is sticking with the style that she feels comfortable with and that makes her among the most fascinating artists in the industry.


Of course, no artist can truly create without passion, and passion drives Dellamarie Parrilli forward in all her work. But it’s nice to get recognition as an artist, and Dellamarie has won her fair share of awards over the course of her career as well. We previously mentioned a couple, but others like the Chelsea Global Showcase Winner (2003), and Artistic Showcase Award Winner (2004) are among the most impressive awards and honors she has picked up during her illustrious career in expressionism.

Critical reception to Parrilli’s work has been highly positive, with many lauding her as a fresh and exciting voice in the world of art. These are just some of the key quotes from critics that give you an idea of what this woman is all about, and how her work is viewed by critics.

“Parrilli lights up Madison Avenue"
“an impresario of expressionism”
“a born master of her medium”
“a restless and intrepid experimenter who refuses to limit her aesthetic horizons.”
“outrageously gifted, unstoppable creativity"
“a profound arrival”

For more information, visit Dellamarie’s official website at, where you can get in direct contact with the artist and her team. Whether you’re looking to schedule an interview or be sent a press pack, you can get in touch through the website’s contact form. Social media links are also available if you want to visit her Facebook or Instagram profiles.

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