InfusionH20 Announces a Sale on Their Popular Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

Consumers save 30 percent on these popular bottles which allow them to make fruit infused waters at home, reports

InfusionH2O announces a sale on their popular fruit infuser water bottles. To take advantage of this sale and pay only $24.95 for a bottle, individuals need to visit Act quickly, as there are limited supplies of these popular items and the sale may end at any time.

"The human body consists of approximately 60 percent water, and this water is needed to maintain the balance of fluids because they are responsible for a number of tasks. Fluids help to transport nutrients and play a role in circulation, digestion and the creation of saliva, along with many other things. Many individuals dislike the taste of plain tap water and don't consume enough to keep the body properly hydrated. Fruit infused waters provide flavor and encourage individuals to drink more," MaryAnne Graham, spokesperson for InfusionH20, explains.

Individuals looking to lose weight ought to look into these fruit infuser bottles. When one makes a beverage at home using only water and fruits, vegetables and herbs, they know what they are taking into their body. There is no concern about the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners, salts, caffeine and more. In addition, research has shown water can help one to drop pounds more rapidly.

"When people drink 16 ounces of water before a meal, they eat less because their stomach already feels full. Water also helps to ensure one's metabolic balance remains healthy, as this allows the weight loss program to stay on track. These are only two of the many benefits of water for those wanting to drop a few pounds or 50," Graham continues.

Lemon water also benefits the human body in several ways. Lemon water helps to alkalize the body while adding necessary vitamins and it also promotes cleansing and improves digestion. As the earth's environment is full of toxins, humans need to take advantage of every method available for removing these toxins from their system. This doesn't even take into account the toxins found in food and water. Although the human body does a good job of purging unwanted substances, any help is appreciated and lemon water is great for this purpose.

"Lemon has been shown to stimulate the liver and detoxify the blood. Unwanted impurities are flushed away in the process and the citric acid found in these fruits help to remove calcium stones and deposits. Visit InfusionH2O to learn more about the benefits of drinking lemon water and all flavored waters. Those who do so will quickly understand what a fruit infuser water bottle is essential in today's world," Graham announces.

About InfusionH20:

InfusionH20 supplies high quality, BPA free, durable 32oz fruit infuser bottles designed to allow individuals to replace plain tap water with fruit water laden with healthy-rich antioxidants. These bottles offer numerous benefits for those who take advantage of them, and consumers may try different fruit, vegetable and herb combinations until they find one they love.

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