Informio founder Pavel Chernyshov bats for urgent modernization of scientific rating systems

Pavel Chernyshov, the founder of educational portal Informio, believes the rating needs to be independent based on artificial intelligence, which will involve IT solutions, such as the number of unique views, downloads, voting, and comments.

Pavel Chernyshov, the founder of Informio, an educational portal, has raised the need for urgent modernization of scientific rating systems.

The problem of explaining scientific and pedagogical achievements is relevant, he states, since scholars and educators turn to authoritative ratings to keep abreast of all scientific research.

The Highly Cited Researchers Rating is a list of influential highly cited scientists, in which the rating is compiled by quoting a researcher. The journal PLOS Biology is a scientific journal published in the USA, which covers all topics of biological disciplines. Meanwhile, Scopus is a bibliographic and abstract database and a tool for tracking the citation of articles published in scientific publications.

In creating Informio, Pavel has led the way in launching the first-ever portal that creates a unified information space for educational organizations, where scholars and educators alike can post and read news, publications, methodological materials in one place.

Informio is a mass media for methodologists, scientists, teachers, and students from Russia, an authoritative community that relates to comprehensive research.

The media serves as an online platform for discussing people interested in science, pedagogy, teaching methods, and the introduction of new professional technologies in general and vocational education. They can share information about their scientific and methodological work.

“Of course, there is a problem of subjectivity of sources. All research is needed, all research is important, and someone prefers to give an opportunity to populist topics rather than serious research. Someone prefers literature, someone prefers physics, and so on.” says Pavel. He maintains that it’s hard for every magazine to be fair to all disciplines.

Pavel stressed that the issue of competition also plays an important role. He says two major magazines will not publish the same information and rating since they want to stand out from each other.

While a huge amount of controversy goes into the falsification of news published in scientific journals, Pavel says the bigger problem is the falsification of the studies themselves, which are then published in the sources.

“When such untruthful information is used as other research, the problem of benefits arises. Quoting false information, the author of such an unfair article gets a rating. As a result, he can become an authoritative and famous scientist who will popularize his false research,” explains Pavel.

In answering the question, “What should be the rating and how to implement it?” Pavel believes the rating needs to be independent based on artificial intelligence, which will involve IT solutions, such as the number of unique views, downloads, voting, comments, etc.

“The issue of plagiarism and convenience will be visible immediately. And if the author publishes raw material – it will automatically be at the bottom of the rating list,” Pavel explains.

Pavel points out that magazines should also be free for authors since money can buy articles and ratings theoretically.

“The corruption factor in the field of science is very high all over the world. Scientific journals should build a business not on the paid placement of publications, but on the sale of content and advertising,” he says.

Pavel says this is what he implemented on the Informio portal, where more than 6,000 authors from 1,500 professional educational organizations in Russia and neighboring countries already participate in the rating.

Pavel, a teacher of the highest category with 20 years of experience in the field of vocational education, says Informio plans to make the resource international.

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