INFORMIO cites students’ safety in educational organizations after a shooting rampage in a Russian university

In the wake of a shooting at a Russian school, INFORMIO stresses the need to raise the question of the personal responsibility of psychiatric experts who issue conclusions as well as a close probe into security guards in campuses.

INFORMIO founder Pavel Chernyshov has weighed in on the recent shooting that took place at the Perm State University in Russia. A student has opened fire, leaving at least six people dead and 28 injured before being shot by police and detained.

Pavel, the creator of the INFORMIO.RU portal, is an expert on Russian legislation in the field of education.

He lamented that the 18-year-old student managed to get both a permit and a weapon before the entry into force of amendments that raise the age limit for owning hunting and firearms smoothbore long-barreled self-defense weapons from 18 to 21 years.

To minimize the risks of a similar situation happening all over the world in the future, he says the adopted norm should enter into force on June 28, 2022. He says the law on weapons possession from the age of 21 would help protect school campuses from attacks by their own students.

"It is necessary to raise the question of the personal responsibility of psychiatric experts who issue conclusions. Such exams are formal and are held in a couple of minutes," Pavel explains.

Students were reported to have built barricades out of chairs during the rampage to prevent the attacker from barging into their classrooms. The university, which has about 12,000 students enrolled, said some 3,000 people were on school premises during the shooting.

Meanwhile, Pavel raised the need to look into the hiring of security personnel, saying people know that the security of educational institutions is provided by private security organizations.

"In such organizations, security guards are often not professional security personnel," he says. At the end of 2015, the Ministry of Labor approved the professional standard "Employee for ensuring the protection of educational organizations."

However, Pavel expressed frustration that in most universities, this is not done. Educational institutions are often guarded by people with old age who have no physical training and experience.

When selecting security personnel for school campuses, Pavel stressed the need for institutions to look for officers with professional training and experience and the capacity to communicate effectively and integrate efficiently with the campus culture.

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