Information Technology Rapidly Changing the Landscape of Real Estate Investment

Information technology is making its mark in real estate and investors everywhere are discovering the ease and value of state of the art database systems, along with other high tech apps, gadgets, and methodologies for generating growth.

Google, cloud computing, social media, digital media, mobile marketing, digital marketing, and content creation; these things and more may seem like they have nothing at all to do with real estate, but they are, nonetheless, changing the landscape that today's real estate professional must navigate to succeed.

“Technology plays an essential role in real estate, and staying ahead of the latest technology trends helps (real estate professionals) grow their business,” says NAR President Steve Brown, co-owner of Irongate, Inc. REALTORS? in Dayton, Ohio.

Tech savvy real estate acquisition, sales, and long term investing is the name of the game today, and real estate investors everywhere are clamoring for data base systems and other information technology advantages that can help them get ahead.

IT for real estate is not all that new, actually. Google Earth Pro has been helping real estate pros locate and “see” properties online for years.

DocuSign, the world leader in eSignature platforms, has also been in the business a while. The eSignature giant has recently released a real estate broker-centric product called DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS; the new application grants a collaborative and mobile cloud-based solution for document sharing and transaction management.

In fact, there are now so many valuable systems out there, and so many tools to use for marketing and business, that the National Association of REALTORS? (NAR) sponsors a series of events for realtors called Tech Edge.

“An edge is exactly what you need in the business of real estate today” says Real Estate World Wide (REWW) CEO Kent Clothier.

REWW, a real estate education company and software vendor has been responsible for teaching, and coaching, thousands of real estate investors on their road to success. In addition to their state of the art real estate education programs, REWW has also developed a number of cutting edge real estate investment systems.

Find Motivated Sellers Now and Find Cash Buyers Now are two such systems.

Find Motivated Sellers Now generates a comprehensive database of high equity or free and clear, vacant properties for those investors who are seeking acquisition opportunities, along with contact information for the owners.

Find Cash Buyers Now generates a database of cash buyers around the nation, helps investors build a buyers list of investors who are looking for the properties they've found, and avoid the pitfalls that often come with buyers who need to seek out a traditional loan.

Real estate investors can find out more about REWW's programs and systems by visiting their website at

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