Inflatable Bounce House Provider Hop N Party Announces Educational Safety Campaign

New initiative will help consumers arrange for fun, positive events.

Inflatable bounce house and party rental provider Hop N Party announced the start of a new educational campaign focusing on safety issues. The company, one of the largest of its sort in the Austin area, seeks to inform consumers about the issues surrounding the safe setup and usage of increasingly popular bounce houses and similar inflatable amusements. Its latest campaign is a natural outgrowth of the company's deep commitment to accident avoidance and safety.

"Bounce houses have become wildly popular over the course of the last twenty years," manager David Hieronymus stated, "and they can be a fun, safe addition to any party, fundraiser, or special event. Proper maintenance, setup and supervision help to ensure that only good times are had." The vice-president of the Texas Inflatable Operators Association, Hieronymus helps to oversee Hop N Party's day-to-day operations and contributes to its regular safety programs as well as its present initiative. Hop N Party is a member of the Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization, an industry group which provides safety training and conveys best practices to its members.

Many accidents involving inflatable bounce houses are the result of improper setup of the structures. Unlike many other sources for these amusements, bounce house rentals from Hop N Party include all of the necessary preparation and setup, ensuring that they will be as safe as possible from the start. It also takes great care to educate all of its customers as to how to properly supervise children who are enjoying its products, as deficits in this area are another common cause of accidents.

"With just a little bit of research, parents and others responsible for arranging for bounce house rentals can be sure that their events will be great successes. Conscientious, dedicated companies like Hop N Party strive to support the popularity of bounce houses by keeping their products as safe as possible." As part of its new educational campaign, Hop N Party sent Hieronymus on a media tour which included an informative interview on local television station KEYE-TV. One of the primary thrusts of the company's present initiative is educating consumers about how they can research whether rental providers they might be considering are operating in compliance with the relevant state regulations. Many of the accidents involving bounce houses result from dealings with less-established companies that lack proper safety programs and skimp in other ways, as well.

Hop N Party inflatable rentals are all inspected and maintained according to the strictest standards in the industry. Hop N Party water slides, for example, are checked against extensive, detailed inspection charts a number of times before being opened for use by customers. As part of its commitment to ensuring that all bounce house users have enjoyable, safe experiences, the company has pushed to have the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation take on oversight duties for bounce houses and similar products, as representatives believe this would result in an even safer environment for end users. Its current educational campaign, consisting of a variety of media appearances, free guides and blog posts available on its web site, as well as other resources, will continue for some time.

About Hop N Party:
One of the top providers of inflatable bounce houses, moonwalks, water slides, and similar products in the Austin area, Hop N Party leads the local industry in its commitment to safety. It provides end-to-end service for customers who engage its rentals, including delivery and the most careful, diligent setup available.

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