creates a new guide for selecting the best inflatable bath tubs in 2016

A new guide for picking the best inflatable bath tubs has been released by

Ever since the hot tubs began to appear in the USA, in the 1940s, they have been a hallmark for relaxation and good time. While popular culture, especially movies, have most often promoted a traditional, built-in hot tub, there has been a study growth in popularity of inflatable hot tubs over recent years. As producers did their best to meet customers’ expectations by providing many different models, created a new guide aimed at helping customers with making their decision.

It is important to point out why one would prefer an inflatable hot tub over a built-in one – and the guide does just that. At the very beginning makes sure that customers are aware of all the benefits that inflatable tubs come with – such as comfort, easiness of use and lightweight design. While those are shared between all inflatable tubs, every model has its unique design and features. That is why the guide lists top 10 models, made by leading companies in the market today, such as Intex, SaluSpa or Coleman. For every model, there is a comprehensive list of features, as well as pros and cons that make one specific hot tub stand out.

The guide makes sure to provide the as much information as possible, so that users can choose the best inflatable tub for their needs. For every tub, there is its depth, size and weight listed, so that customers can make a quick decision based on that alone. From there, provide information on various features, such as additional accessories, materials used and setup process. Some tubs come with cover blankets, additional filters, carry bag or detachable back supports. There is also information about control panel, instructions, water capacity as well as heat and pump systems. Lists of pros and cons are comprehensive, making sure that customers know whether the tub is easy to maintain and transport or if it stands out due to its durability and easiness of use. Every model is also graded in terms of value for the price, ensuring a well-informed choice in regards to the customer’s budget. is an expert site focused on reviewing inflatable bath tubs and putting together comprehensive guides for customers, helping to make the best choice for their needs. The sites goal is to review all the popular inflatable bath tubs available on the market. Please use company’s contact page ( if you need to get in touch with them.

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