Inf Xet Nghiem Shares Information About What Hair DNA Test is And How Much Does It Costs

Inf Xet Nghiem talks about hair DNA testing and its costs in Vietnam.

Inf Xet Nghiem is a Vietnamese company that has gained expertise when it comes to medical tests, reproductive health, and enlargement of various organs. Many people in Vietnam trust Inf Xet Nghiem when it comes to male health and specific diseases related to males. An employee from this company shares information on the hair DNA test. DNA contains nucleotides and is a piece of genes that carry genetic information. This test comes very handily in crime scenes, etc. A DNA test is done by taking the sample of hair, blood, tissue, nail, teeth, etc. A DNA test in which a person’s hair is tested is called a hair DNA test. This is considered as one of the simplest and painless DNA tests. However, there are chances that hair DNA testing won’t show the proper result. One should know that only when hair is pulled out from the roots, then it can show a genuine result.

He further talks about the hair follicles (hair roots) and hair body, which are the two main components of hair. Hair follicles are part of the hair that is located under the scalp. These hair follicles consist of nerve fibers and tiny vessels. It is this part of the hair that is used in the hair DNA test and gives accurate results. Another part of the hair is the hair body, which is the part of the hair that everyone can normally touch. If this part of the hair is used in hair DNA testing, it might go in vain.

The representative from the company then talks about the steps that are involved in hair DNA testing. First of all, a person needs to inform the testing center, they will guide the person regarding the DNA testing procedures. Then with the help of tweezers, the hair of the person is pulled and put in containers like glossy paper bags, envelopes. Then the person needs to fill some details and wait for the results.

The cost of hair DNA testing in Vietnam depends on the hospitals. The price of hair DNA testing also depends on who is testing and what is their relationship. To determine the relationship between parent and child with the help of hair DNA testing, it can cost approximately 1 to 2 million Vietnamese Dong. Whereas, to determine the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren or with aunts and uncles, it can cost up to 2 to 4 million Vietnamese Dong.

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