Industry Expert Dima Kubrak Highlights on the Private Event for Amazon Sellers in Florida

CEO of Sellerise, the leading tool for Amazon sellers Dima Kubrak and his team, have shared with us the plans for the upcoming Amazon sellers event – Rise Amazon Seller Conference. The event will be held on 11-12 June in Orlando, Florida.

"The Sellerise team and I have prepared an intensive program on the hacks of being a profitable Amazon seller. No matter the ticket type, each of the participants will learn the techniques of boosting Amazon business," claims Dima.

Rise Conference is the space for professional Amazon sellers who want to double and triple their profit by automating the process and working with the external traffic.

"During the event, the participant will learn how to manage Amazon reviews to boost the income, how to deal with Amazon Live videos, and will learn about the importance of financial knowledge when working with the platform.

Moreover, guests from various niches of the industry will share the successful product launch in 2021, review, identify the competitive niches, and work on keyword management. All the activities will be seasoned with networking sessions and hot afterparty." noted CEO of the Sellerise and Rise Amazon Seller Conference headlines Dima Kubrak.

The company claims that every participant will be able to take part in the Amazon Hacks Hour, where they will figure out the competitive advantages of Amazon to help sell more products in 2021. The top amazon sellers and speakers like Adam Heist, Jamie Davidson, Ashley Thompson, Carlos Alvarez and Krystina Uradzinskaya will discuss the product launch strategy and traffic monetization.

"We believe that the Conference has the power to be a place of change, the place where people can acknowledge their strong points and use them in Amazon business. We believe that being on the list of participants makes you a few heads higher, seller.

Like any other business, Amazon business has its weak points and features that you have to know about while entering any niche. We know that the Amazon tools are far from perfect, and so many things can be improved. It is why we created Sellerise – a perfect Amazon tool to enhance the performance of a seller and boost sales. This tool made it possible for Rise Conference to exist.

The Conference, continues Dima, targets the people that are ready to give a boost to their success. It is a unique opportunity to exchange experience, network, and learn from the industry's top speakers.

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